Friday, February 13, 2015


The last few weeks have held some fun adventures, and I've celebrated a variety of things. But first, let me celebrate someone else. My crit partner and long-time writer friend DL Hammons has signed with an agent!! I've known Don for several years through blogging, and his epic Write Club contests, and since summer I joined a crit group he started, so I'm very familiar with his awesome book Moving Fear. I am SO SUPER STOKED to announce this awesome news!!

EDIT! THIS JUST IN! One of my other long-time writer friends released her debut novel today! Congrats to Beth Sanderson for Dying Embers! A juicy revenge story :) Check it out here.

Moving on to me, I'll express the last few weeks in some pictures:


Some yummy things I made.

Celebrating 31 days in a row of yoga!! I completed my challenge. Also, it was a pre-celebration of awesome stuff happening soon. I don't know exactly what yet, but it's happening :)


A fun trip to Atlanta, including the Georgia Aquarium.

And last but certainly not least, another celebration - my boyfriend successfully completed the test for his black belt in Judo a few days ago, so we had some dessert and champagne. 

What are you celebrating (or pre-celebrating!) this month? Do tell!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Yoga, Hiking, and Beautiful Calamities

Hello! I hope everyone's had a lovely first couple weeks of 2015. As part of kicking off the new year I decided I want to get back to blogging on a more regular basis. I miss all the good stuff and connecting and awesomeness with my blog friends! I'm entering into my fifth year of blogging, though, so this isn't even close to my first rodeo. I learned a long time ago that posting multiple times a week just wasn't something I could handle, nor was visiting a bajillion blogs of other writers. I also felt like there weren't a whole lot of fresh writing-themed topics I could come up with. So, I'm doing a revamp. I'll probably post every couple weeks (I'm on Twitter more frequently if you want to chat more). I'm going to prioritize visiting the blogs of those people I've really connected with over the years (though I love making new friends and I will always pop over and say hi to any newbies). And I'm going to go back to old school blogging form, which is really that of an online journal. I may talk about writing. But I may also talk about yoga, horses, food, and other stuff happening in my life.

So! Since my last post, I've had some fun stuff going on. First, I started a 30-day yoga challenge via Yoga with Adriene, my fave YouTube yoga coach. I don't really make a lot of New Year's resolutions because I'm a pretty goal-oriented person throughout the year. So this wasn't really a resolution so much as something that seemed an awesome way to start the year. And honestly I didn't think I'd really do it every day. But I have! I've done yoga every day for over two weeks now! It's usually just 10-30 minutes, and my body feels so nice and relaxed.

I also had a nice hike at a local park that recently created the Sky Bridge, a tall wooden walkway suspended amongst live oaks with a lovely view of a huge lake.

My son looking waaayyyy down. 

And last but not least, I wrote a fun short story around 2k words or so about four ancient beings who get together at a Parisian cafe to plan global calamities... but they're not who you think they are :) They just like to savor some delicious chaos.

How about you? What have you been up to? Whatever it is, I hope it's awesome!

P.S. Today is Appreciate a Dragon Day. Just thought you should know :)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015!

In this final hour of the first day of 2015, I'm sitting down to write my usual annual recap and goals for 2015. Last year was a year of intense personal transition for me - a divorce, move, finding a new balance in life. While it may seem weird to say it, 2014 was great. I moved into my new place on March 1st and have been on a path of rediscovering my happiness. I've established a home that is more ME than I've ever had before. I've been training regularly with my horse and got on his back for the first time about a week ago (he's never been ridden). I've gotten much better about exercising regularly, and have a ladies walking night every Monday, plus I've improved greatly in my yoga and Pilates. I also have a wonderful new boyfriend that makes me very happy and is an awesome human being. It was a good year.

For 2015, I see more transition, but in the realm of career. This year I will publish one of my books (or have a scheduled pub date). I am querying now and have had significant agent interest, but if that doesn't pan out I will pursue small and medium presses until I find the right fit. I'm determined to get my foot in the door one way or the other. So far, I had a lovely first day of the year. I did yoga, went and trained with my horse, had a lovely time with my son, boyfriend and family, and finished up with some writing on a short story I'm having a ton of fun with. A nice, balanced day to kick off the year.
Hopefully in 2015 I will also get back on a regular blogging schedule - I only posted six times last year.

What does 2015 hold for you? What are your highlights from 2014? Whatever your dreams and desires, raise your glass to a Fearless '15!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Crit Partners are the Best!

Hello, writer friends! I haven't posted in quite some time. I've been editing and being pretty low key on the social media front. I figured if I didn't have anything super exciting to blog about, I'd keep my mouth shut :)

But! I have been wanting to share about recently getting official crit partners (CPs) for the first time. It's pretty much common knowledge that you should work with other writers to edit your work. But it's really hard to find a good fit, and for years I avoided anything other than a small trade-off of pages with a trusted fellow writer here and there. However, when fellow writer and blogger Don Hammons posted about starting a group, I figured I'd give it a shot. I had known Don for a while through blogging, and his awesome annual Write Club contests, and it seemed like the right time. And I've loved it!

We have a small group of eight writers, and we each post 10 pages for critique in a DropBox account every couple of weeks. We also have meetings via Facebook chat every couple weeks. It's been really great, and it's invaluable to get those extra pairs of eyes! It really is amazing to see what others discover that you didn't see because you wrote it and it makes sense in your head - but not to everybody else! Or just the little things, like how one of my characters apparently shrugs all the damn time, LOL. Anyways, it's been awesome and I've polished up my latest WIP so I can start querying. I feel SO much more confident about that knowing that my CPs think it's ready, too. We all know there are no guarantees with agents and publishers, but I feel a whole lot better having vetted it through my group.

So, do you have CPs? What have been your experiences with them? And as always, I hope everyone is doing great!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thriving in the Darkest Hour

I read an awesome blog post by Robin LaFevers the other day on Writer Unboxed. It's about how a writer can not only survive but thrive in that "almost there" phase before they get an agent and a pub deal. It spoke so deeply to me, because I've been in that "almost there" phase, or the "Dark Night of the Soul" as Robin put it, for well over a year now. I was a semi-finalist in one online writing contest, and won my age category in another popular online pitch contest, but the agents that requested ended up passing. I got very complimentary feedback from an agent that loved my writing but had something too similar, and requests to submit my future work from a couple others. In essence, it's been an extremely frustrating period of near misses. A period of good, but not good enough.

Reading Robin's post was like a beacon in my dark night, and inspired me to keep at it with gusto. Not that I was thinking of quitting, but it enabled me to smell the roses again. In her post she talks about using this phase in your pre-career to really amp up the excellence in your craft. So, being the list freak that I am, I decided to list out what I felt were the main elements of a story, with the sub-elements that make a novel delicious. My goal with this is to take an honest look at how I stack up in these various areas, both overall and for each book I've written, since each book is of course a unique creature. Here's the list of elements I came up with:

  • Character
    • Depth, details, uniqueness
    • Motivations
    • Emotions
    • Relationships
    • Dialogue
    • POV
    • Character voice
    • Arc
    • Antagonists
  • Plot
    • Concept – new or archetypal?
    • Scenes
    • Pacing
    • Tension
    • Hooks and Cliffhangers
    • Turning points – inner and outer
    • Twists/surprises
  • Voice/Style/Skill
    • Writer’s voice/style
    • Skill with words, mastery of craft
    • Structure
    • “Feel” of the story
    • Ability to immerse reader
    • Subtext
  • Worldbuilding
    • Description – range from lush to minimal
    • Visual and full-sensory experience of reader
    • Details – whether real or fantasy world
    • Setting as character 

So, writer friends: have you experienced a dark time in your writing career? What do you think of the list above - what did I miss? How do you self-evaluate?

I'll let you know how my self-evaluation process goes. I've been reading writing craft books and I have some other exercises to experiment with. Whatever you're up to, I hope the summer is unfolding beautifully!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Balance and A Happiness Project

Brave new world. That phrase pops into my head a lot lately. As some of you know, I recently underwent a huge change in my life. And in addition to getting adjusted to my new life, working at least 40 hours a week, raising my son, and attending to my writing schedule, I've been trying to get serious about exercising and train my horse. Along with having a social life again. Yes, I'm totally Type-A :)

So that's the first part of this post: balance. Ignoring exercise and my horse for the most part, in the past I could usually get 1,000 words written a day. Which pumps out a first draft in about three months. And that's nice, but it's not a race. My horse is almost five and not yet under saddle, and of course my health is important. Over the last couple months it's been two steps forward, one step back trying to get a consistent schedule going to balance this all out. I'd exercise five times a week but only visit my horse once and write too little. Or I'd write more but exercise less - you get the point. I've been trying to find that sweet spot where I get a respectable amount of forward progress in all three without stressing out too much.

What I've come up with that I think will work is: M/W/F = exercise days, and T/Th = horse days in the evenings after work. I'll also write 500 words a day, including the weekends. That's a small amount, but it adds up pretty quickly. Weekends I can always add more in any of the areas as inspired, plus social time. And the good thing is that my son is twelve now, so he likes to exercise with me, and he can do homework while I write, and he likes to come to the barn with me, too. So, we get to spend time together while I'm working towards my goals.

As if all of that isn't enough, I've really been feeling a need to focus internally as well. I'm a very external goal-oriented person, and for the past many years I've let go of most focus inwardly. I'm not a religious person, but I am spiritual, and to me that simply means working towards peace and happiness so you can spread that as you go through life. So, I've been doing some simple things to work on inner me: a few positive affirmations, contemplating areas where I need to grow and learn, being more grateful for what I have.

Then today one of my coworkers mentioned that she's doing this 100-day happiness thing where you do at least one thing every day to make you happy - meditate, eat a pastry, whatever. You can post a picture every day of what you did for your happiness on Twitter, FB, Instagram and a couple other places. This really resonated with me, so I decided on my own little twist to the project: I'm going to tweet for 100 days the special things that I feel gratitude for that day. I'll leave out the standard things: being alive and healthy, my son being alive and healthy, roof over head, etc. Just extra fun stuff. It may be one thing. It could be several. I'm going to use the hashtag #dailygratitude, so hop over to Twitter if you want to join me! I'm starting tonight. I also found a cool website about a different happiness project here.

So, lots going on! Life is overflowing with opportunities to evolve. What kinds of things have you been working on lately? Here's a final fun link to a great song, and you can check out the 24-hour dance marathon that went along with it here. TTFN!

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Body Institute

Today I'm so excited to help writer friend Carol Riggs share about her pub deal for her debut novel The Body Institute! Her agent Kelly Sonnack navigated multiple bids for her light sci-fi novel, and Strange Chemistry ended up making the winning offer!

Read about her deal here. Carol is an amazing writer with crazy good editing skills (she's helped me more than once!), so I'm so stoked about this awesome news. Go say congrats!