Friday, March 17, 2017

Luck O' The Irish!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I feel like I should be out somewhere having some yummy beer but I'm home in my PJs being lazy this Friday night. A couple fun Irish things for you:

First, when I was writing my author newsletter yesterday I decided to theme the whole thing on Ireland, including some of my fave books that were Irish/Celtic inspired. Click here if you want to read it... there are a couple good classic fantasy books that made me nostalgic! A teaser...

Also, over at we're having the Get Lucky book fair... 25 featured books that are FREE on Kindle Unlimited, plus a wicked giveaway of over 20 e-books.

What are your fave Irish/Celtic books? Any fun St. P Day plans?

Monday, February 27, 2017

Author Promos Coming Up!

Hi, friends! It has been a whirlwind finishing up my latest book for my agent. I finally got that turned in a few days ago. Whew! Now to take a breather for a moment or two.

Some exciting author promos coming up that I wanted to share! First, over at, the other blog I run with fellow fantasy authors T.F. Walsh and Christine Rains, we've just posted the sign-up list for our Get Lucky book promo running March 17-23. Our promos are still free for the time being, so if you write urban fantasy or paranormal romance, pop on over! We'd love to have you join the fun.

Then in April I am hosting the Zyanniversary! It's the one year anniversary of my bestselling urban fantasy series. I'm planning a week long fantasy book bash and would love other fantasy authors to join the fun for mutual promotional benefit. Facebook takeovers, Twitter party, etc. Click here if you want to sign up.

So, what's up in your world? TTFN!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Book Review!

Hi, peeps! Today I'm participating in a blog blitz for When Ash Rains Down, a super fun YA fantasy. It's only 99 cents, or free on Kindle Unlimited! Here are the deets:

Here's a little teaser:

“So, Julia. This is about angels and demons. Those,” he points to the monsters, “are demons. The devil’s army. The final battles leading to the final war between Heaven and Hell has begun, and it’s trickled down from every dimension into your little town, because the devil has set his sights on you.”
He touches my cheek again, and I see he is like the warriors on the battlefield. He wears a golden aura and stark white wings behind him. A wave of tingles replaces all the pressure and nothingness in my back. He flicks something behind me, and I glance over my shoulder to see—
A pair of wings fly out from my back, not heavy, though I’d expect to fall backward from the weight of them, as they are attached…to my back.
There are wings attached to my back.
I spin around, trying to see them, but they move with me and stay behind me.
I can feel them there, a part of me.
I reach over my shoulder to feel them and shriek, “Nicholas!”
A fiery sword is suddenly in my hand, blazing white and peridot, like the stone around my neck, which is warm and flashing on its own. A fierce blast of cold and hot washes over me, and I shriek again. I jolt back and drop the sword, my eyes flying to Nicholas’, needing an explanation, needing to wake up in my bed at home, needing something other than whatever is happening to me right now.
“I… I have wings.”
“Of course you do.” He stoops to pick up my sword. Holds it out for me to take. “You’re an angel.”

Only $0.99 on kindle (FREE with Kindle Unlimited)!
Buy Link: Amazon kindle | Amazon paperback |  Createspace

And last but not least, my review:

I gave this five stars! It's an awesome young adult fantasy that I really enjoyed. An epic battle of angels and demons, good and evil. I haven't read a lot of books with female angelic warriors, so that's definitely rad. Plus, she has a cool flaming sword. Fast-paced and sucks you into the story. Lots of juicy family drama. Oh, and did I mention not one but TWO yummy guardian angels dudes? Yep. Check it out!

I also said this, and Cecelia made it into a pretty promo image (I feel so special!):

Well, hope you enjoy the blitz! And if YA fantasy is your jam, definitely snag a copy :) TTFN!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

When Ash Rains Down Release Day!

Hi guys! I'm so happy to help my friend and CP Cecelia Earl celebrate the release of her debut novel! It's a super fun YA about angels and you should check it out!

Being crowned homecoming queen and enduring a week at the center of her classmates' attention is eighteen-year-old Julia White’s worst nightmare—even with Cole, her long-time crush, as her date. But when Julia is attacked by a green-blooded demon that vanishes in a plume of smoke, she comes face to face with what real nightmares look like—in the flesh, and all of the homecoming stuff hardly matters anymore.

As a frightening wave of crime infiltrates her small Wisconsin town, Julia tries to avoid Nicholas, a brooding, infuriating relative of Cole’s, who insists she’s the reason behind the corruption. He claims the culprits are demons who are after powers that only she—a human-angel hybrid—possesses. It’s unbelievable, of course, until he takes her to a hidden battlefield where warrior angels train to fight soul-siphoning demons—and her own angelic wings unfold.

When angels and demons draw battle lines, endangering everyone in their way, Julia has to find a way to protect them all, including herself. Because as it turns out, she’s the devil's most powerful weapon against the angels, and he’ll stop at nothing to claim her. 

The final battle between Heaven and Hell has begun.

You can connect with Cecelia here:

Congrats, Cecelia!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Ubiquitous New Year's Post + New Year, New Reads Blog Hop!

I think my New Year's post each year is my fave to write... I love looking back and planning ahead. But before I dive into that, if you are here for the New Year, New Reads Blog Hop, look no further!

All of my books (excluding my recently released boxed set) are 99 cents, actually, so if you like urban and other contemporary fantasy, check out my Amazon page. Also, some writing friends and I just concluded an epic 99 cent sale of our own, featuring over 25 fantasy books. While the sale officially ended on 12/31, I know a lot of the books will still be discounted, so check out for lots of goodies :)

But back to me :) Huntress Found, book one of my new series, The Timekeeper's War, can be found here for 99 cents. It's an Artemis/Dr. Who mashup, fantasy with a pinch of steampunk and sprinkle of sci-fi. 

Also, if you're a fan of classic urban fantasy, part one of the first book in my bestselling Zyan Star series is actually free on Amazon

And that's actually the perfect lead into my New Year's post for 2016: the year of me releasing ALL the books. The beginning of the year started slow, but then March hit and it was off to the races and has been full speed ever since. Here's a rough timeline:
  • March: A fun trip to Boston; preparing to launch Martinis with the Devil
  • April: Martinis parts one and two release; I also help head up a stage at a huge literary and music festival in my city and sell the house I owned with my ex husband I'd been trying to sell for two years (at a huge loss, alas, but at least done with)
  • June: My best friend gets married in Colorado
  • July: Whiskey and Angelfire parts one and two release
  • August: My son starts marching band at school and I head up the fundraising committee (seeing his love of music blossom has been SO awesome)
  • September: Vengeance and Vermouth parts one and two release
  • October: A trip to Chicago for work
  • November: I launch a new series, The Timekeeper's War, and start with two writer friends
  • December: I release the first three Zyan novels in a boxed set, as well as a Zyan origin story novelette, the Holiday Book Feast (our first event for the new blog) occurs, and I finish a brand new book for my agent (December was busy!!)
Actually, I JUST finished the first draft of the book for my agent (like, less than two hours ago). I wrote roughly 200,000 words in 2016. It has been a wild ride of a year! So far, the plan for 2017 is as follows:
  • Whip my first draft into something decent for my agent by the end of February
  • Write and release the second book in The Timekeeper's War series
  • Write and release the fourth book in the Zyan Star series
  • Hold events at at least every other month

If you've read this far, you rock :) How was your 2016? Plans for 2017? 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Holiday Book Feast - Giveaway and 99 cent fantasy book sale!

Hi guys,

The Holiday Book Feast has begun! Pop over to the Fantasy Book Giveaways blog  to enter a big giveaway and peruse our 99 cent sale! Over 25 awesome 99 cent books. It runs 12/24-12/31. Feast, feast, feast!

I hope you have a lovely holiday and New Year!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Steamy Holiday Reads!

Hi guys, this has been a week for announcing fun stuff for friends! I am delighted to help T.F. Walsh celebrate TWO awesome books: Cloaked in Christmas, and Fallen Ashes! Fallen Ashes comes out today, and Cloaked in Christmas came out a bit over a week ago.

I've already read Cloaked in Christmas, and it's definitely a 5 star super fun and steamy paranormal romance! I really like the Cloaked series, and I think this one is my fave so far. Set in Finland near the North Pole, it has wolf shifters and snowy forests and hot cocoa and blazing fireplaces and SEXY bits and a sweet romance all in one!! Loved it. And it's 99 cents!

Here's what T.F. has to say about the setting:

When was the last time you built a snow lantern on your front lawn?

In Finland, candles and snowballs are part of a special Christmas tradition. When the temperature and snow is just right, snowballs are made about the size of an apple. These snowballs are then hollowed out in the middle to allow space for a small candle. Once the candle is lit, these snow lanterns can be placed outside homes and along gateposts to light a path. Several snowballs can even be grouped together to make a bigger, brighter snow lantern!

On Christmas Eve, people in Finland also put up a Christmas tree and decorate the dinner table and windows with more candles. The warm glow creates the perfect, cozy atmosphere for a family dinner, singing and laughter. After dinner the famous Santa Claus or Joulupukki arrives to give out his presents. As Santa Claus lives in the northern part of Finland called Lapland or Korvatunturi, he delivers all his presents in person throughout Finland.

I had a lot of fun researching Finland Christmas for my latest release, Cloaked in Christmas. A tale about wolf shifters, fighting for the ones you love, and a sprinkling of festive magic. Here are a few more details I discovered while researching:

- Joulupukki also means ‘Christmas Goat’, which was a traditional Yule Goat who demanded presents from people! Over time, Santa Claus became the gift-giver, but the name hasn’t disappeared.
- If you have been naughty, you could end up with a bag of coal under the Christmas tree.
- Rice pudding is a traditional Christmas Eve breakfast in Finland!
- Relaxing in a sauna is a popular way to spend the end of the day after Christmas celebrations.

How do you celebrate Christmas?


After fleeing her abusive ex, wulfkin Cacey Varg and her daughter settle happily with a new pack in Finland. As Christmas approaches, Cacey learns her ex has found them and is on his way to take their daughter back. But a massive snowstorm prevents her from packing up and leaving town - and instead delivers a sexy stranger to her doorstep. Can she trust that he isn't one of her ex's henchmen?

Second-in-command to Europe's most powerful wulfkin, hunter Vincent Lyall's spur-of-the-moment decision to check on his ailing mother soon finds him marooned at a cabin in the woods by the blizzard of the century. Trapped with this spirited vixen, resisting temptation is easier said than done . . . But she refuses to believe he is who he says he is.

Is love powerful enough to win when two sexy wolf shifters, an unwelcome past, and animalistic urges wreak havoc on the holiday season?

Cloaked in Christmas is a standalone story in the Wulfkin Legacy series and only 99cents.

Grab Your Copy: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Googleplay | iBooks

Wulfkin Legacy Series

Cloaked (prequel to #1) – Out now
Cloaked in Fur (Book #1) – Out now
Cloaked in Secrecy (Book #2) – Out now
Cloaked in Blood (Book #3) – Out now
Cloaked in Christmas – Out now

And definitely don't forget Fallen Ashes!! 

Last of your kind? Check. Being hunted by everyone? Check. Waking up magically bound to the world's most cocky and annoying assassin? Wait, what?
Survival has always been on the top of Fallen's To Do List as being the last Dragon shifter in Tapestry had painted a target on her long ago. But after being captured and magically tethered to an assassin who could kill her in an instant, time is running out. With the fate of an entire world at stake, Fallen has to find a way to get out alive, with or without her unwanted companion...her incredibly sexy unwanted companion.
Exiled from the Kingdom and on a mission to save his stepfather from the Collector, Saber's life is already a mess. But he never could imagine that he'd be hexed into a mindless shadow assassin or worse, being kidnapped and mystically-bound to a hot blonde vixen that has a crazy obsession with fire. Sexy/strange/fire-chick aside, he has got to find a way to get out of there but Fallen isn't in the least being helpful with their escape plan. Seriously, can things get any worse?
Magically-bound, determined, and both fighting an undeniable attraction, can Saber and Fallen work together to free themselves and save their world by defeating the Collector? Or will time slip out of their grasp and all will be lost?

Sounds awesome, right?

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About The Author

T.F. Walsh emigrated from Romania to Australia at the age of eight and now lives in a regional city south of Sydney with her husband. Growing up hearing dark fairytales, she's always had a passion for reading and writing horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and young adult stories. She balances all the dark with light fluffy stuff like baking and traveling.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | Amazon

I hope you find some sizzling reads this holiday season! And don't forget to stay tuned for the Holiday Book Feast in three weeks!! December 24-31 at A giveaway plus LOTS of 99 cents book deals!