Monday, January 9, 2012

I haven't done a really random post in a while, so...

Won't you be random with me? I was sick and working long hours last week (busiest time of the year at my job) and slightly less sick so therefore working more hours this week (yay, eleven hour days!). So, you'll understand my brainpower is limited? Here's my random list:

* I'm reading Eon by Alison Goodman. It has dragons and ancient Asian culture and girlpower. LOVE IT.

* Also been loving Goodreads lately, to go on nostalgic trips into the past and organize what I want to read in the future.

* Had a fabulous book idea in the car earlier, despite working eleven hours. Yay, brain!

* Haven't done any editing on Noir yet. Need to get through this yucky day job craziness first.

* Signed up to do a V-Day blogfest about kissing. Will post link when I'm not braindead.

What about you guys? Dazzle me with your randomness :)


  1. Oh...11 hours a day? Boooo! That's terrible! I hope you get through it soon to pick back up that editing! BUT it's great you're still getting ideas, brain fried or not! Eon is on my list! Glad it's so good! I had high hopes. Goodreads

  2. Hmm, nothing too random going on in my head right now, but love hearing about Eon! Gonna have to check out it out - those sound like all the things I need/want in a book. :)

  3. A kissing blogfest? Interesting!

    I agree with Colene - boo to 11-hour days. Hang in there, my friend!

  4. I hope to get my ass in gear and write a submission for a short story contest soon ... I'm going to the launch of a project at the British Museum and also to a production of Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment ... and I've been invited to the wedding of a man I've never met in person and it's in another country.

  5. Nothing random right now. Just been up since about 1:30am, so I've already gotten in an hour of writing, read my emails, about an hour of blog reading/commenting, done some laundry and I'm ready for a nap.

  6. Sorry the day job is crazy for you right now, but yay for the idea! =o)

    Randomness: I have an overflowing pile of new books to read, so what do I grab? This book printed in the '70s that my mother told me about a while back. So far, so good. Besides, I needed a change. I'll get back to my paranormal / UF / fantasy stack later.

  7. Sick and long hours suck! Am I following you on Goodreads? Need to check.
    Random - I enjoy playing "Orcs Must Die" at work on my laptop. Yeah, I dig my job.

  8. You seem to be clocking long hours, Alexia. Happy that a shiny new idea struck you :)

  9. Eleven hours! Goodness, I'm suprised you haven't been doing random posts for quite some time:)
    Here is something random from me. It snowed last week and my dog wouldn't walk in it to go to the bathroom so I had to rubberband my four year old sons socks to her paws. It was hilarious:)
    Oh, and I'm doing that kissing blogfest too!

  10. I love randomness! :)

    Hm, well, I just ate two packets of crisps in five minutes. How's that for random?

  11. I really love Goodreads too; it's SO much better than all these scraps of paper with books to read on them. LOL (I even had a Word doc, but it's a lot easier to have the books on Goodreads, and I can read my review and remember what the book is about, too.)

    Good luck getting through that day job!

  12. Ooo, a kissing blogfest! Can't wait! Congrats on the shiny new idea!

  13. Randomness rocks! I can't decide on spaghetti noodles or rotini for dinner tonight. Feel better!

  14. Ugh, that sounds like you work a lot! Love that you had a book idea- yay!! Hm, something random. I always have to get a second side of gravy when I get the chicken strip dinner at Dairy Queen because they never give you enough.

  15. I screwed up my entire schedule this week, so I had to bump you out until next week. No so random, but ... sorry!

  16. I am eating an apple fritter right now and, shortly, will be going to Target to buy toilet paper and other necessities. That's random. :)
    Nice to meet you.

  17. --Following a pro's advice and networking for an hour once or twice a week. And that's it.
    --Will hopefully follow someone else's advice about having a blog gameplan and sticking with it.
    --Ears have been blocked since January 4th. Second round of meds for sinus infection. As many, many people where I work have had a pounds-dropping stomach virus, I am okay with my very tough sinus infection.
    --Writing's going mostly well; confidence high. (Knocks on wood.)
    --Some really good fireplace writing lately, and wood-burning in said fireplace. Threw a draft in there recently that wasn't working.
    --Recent story rejection ended with: "Though I liked the concept, the ending was pretty arbitrary." OUCH.
    --Nice to see your blog again. Been a long time.

    1. Almost forgot: I love Goodreads, too. Let's "friend" there.


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