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Zyan Star Series, Character Profile: Pan

Hi, friends! A quick note before we dive into the juiciness of Pan: Martinis with the Devil Part 2 is now out! I will run some free days this week, otherwise it'll be 99 cents at all the retailers. Check my Goodreads links in the right sidebar. Also, if you missed my previous character profiles of Quinn and Riley, check them out.

Now on to Pan!

Name: Pan
Supernatural powers: The Faerie God of Nature
Appearance: Pale skin, long red hair, bright green eyes, tends to wear boots, breeches and vests
See my Pinterest board here for a pic. I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, they're all too young, but you'll get the general idea
Favorite drink: Faerie mead
Weapon of choice: Magic, though he does have a badass silver staff

Pan comes into the story in part two of Martinis with the Devil (so, perfect timing for release day - I actually didn't plan that). Zyan and Eli convince him to help them find some people that have been abducted and taken to the realm of Faerie (can't say more or it'll spoil it). But his help comes at a high price - they will each owe him a favor, any favor he desires. Pan would just as soon kiss you as kill you, and it merely depends on his mood. He's an incredibly fun character to write :)

Here's one of my fave Pan excerpts from the book. I had to modify it ever so slightly to remove spoilers. Zyan, Eli and Pan are in Faerie, and Zy has just fought in their gladiatorial competition.

“Since my champion has defeated the reigning champion,” Pan called for everyone to hear, “I invoke the right of victor’s challenge.”

A resounding gasp of surprise mixed with delight rang from the crowd. Apparently this was an infrequent treat. After a few moments of heavy silence, a figure walked to the edge of one of the balconies. I recognized him immediately. Taryn Blackflame.

“Our friend Taryn was the master of Jintara, who you have defeated,” Pan said softly to me. “And since I am the” he paused as I turned to glare at him, “Let’s just say ‘manager’ of you, I am entitled to challenge Taryn to a fight.”

“What are your terms?” Taryn called to Pan.

“I am here for the three that you abducted.”

“I have other plans for them,” Taryn said with a smile. “They are to fight in the stadium.” 

The audience cheered in approval.

“Am I to understand that you are refusing the right of victor’s challenge?” Pan called, pleasantly enough.

“I will battle you Pan, but my new toys are not available as the spoils.”

“Well in that case, I withdraw my victor’s challenge.” I stared at Pan as he gave a little bow to Taryn. His green eyes sparked. “If you won’t offer them as prizes in a fair fight, I suppose I’ll just have to take them.”

As the words fell from his mouth, Taryn’s face twisted in rage, the crowd began to yell in a mixture of excitement and disapproval, and the earth rolled beneath our feet. Sand flew up into the air as something sharp penetrated the floor of the arena. As it rose further up, I could see a point of stone, granite or something similar. It pushed further and further, a small mountain forcing its way out of the ground.

I saw Taryn gesture to several faeries I assumed were his guards. He was going to move his prisoners. I dashed forward and sprang up to the balcony, knocking a surprised Taryn out of my way. A rush of wings at my back told me Eli had joined the fight. At that moment I heard a gasp from the audience and turned to see what was transpiring in the arena.

The mountain now shimmered and moved, elongating in some places and shortening in others. After a moment during which my eyes struggled to see what shape it was taking, I saw what definitely looked like a head. And from that head came a deafening roar. The form rippled, and two huge wings stretched out. The gray stone glowed orange for a moment as if turning to molten metal, and then cooled back down to a glistening gray. A tail whipped around, bashing in one of the columns of the arena.

Holy shit. Pan had created a dragon.

Ah, I love Pan. Hope you enjoyed that, and have an awesome week. TTFN!


  1. Congratulations on part two! How many parts are there?

    1. Thx! Just two parts for the first book. And two more books this year!

  2. WHOA. I love this, this sounds so cool! Is the book out yet? I really want to read the full story!

    1. So glad you like it :) Yes, it's out now in two parts and both are free on Smashwords at the moment!


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