Sunday, November 6, 2016

Be Here Now

Just uploaded Huntress Found to Amazon for release this Friday, and was flipping through the preview mode to make sure all the formatting converted correctly. Snippets of scenes and dialogue kept popping out at me, and I was just overwhelmed for a moment by how much I LOVE this book. I won't get into all the things I love about it and sound like a total narcissist.

The point is that it's a feeling I need to remember. I created this work of art, and I love it. It doesn't matter if anyone else loves it, or if it becomes a bestseller, or if I make any money. Those thing are all awesome, and I hope they will happen. But I'm often a very impatient, driven person, looking ahead to the future. So, remembering how deeply I heart this book is my "be here now" moment. It's something for me to return to and relish when I'm galloping full speed ahead not appreciating things in life.

What's your "be here now" moment?


  1. If you can still love it after it's uploaded, that means something. Relish it!
    I'm not sure I have a specific writing moment. The closest thing is the general feeling I get when someone voices his appreciation of the IWSG group.

  2. How exciting! I have my post shouting out about your book ready to go for this Friday. :) Relish it. I forgot that a lot of the time myself.

  3. Yay! Can't wait for it to be out there. Here's to your epic story and all the amazing work you've put in!

  4. A few nights ago, I had a "I can't believe I'm here now" moment, but it was in no way a positive experience. So the last time was...when I finished my last short story (I've got some piled up; gotta send them out), or when I saw a friend I hadn't seen in a long time.

    Best of luck with your release! Keep on keeping on!


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