Sunday, May 30, 2010

So the journey begins...

Actually, this is no where near the beginning of the journey. The real journey started around ten years ago when the idea for Eternal Memory started percolating in my head. It wasn't until a couple years ago that I actually started writing it. The writing is actually not so bad. It's the editing, the researching, more editing, and finally the scary step when you actually move forward with sharing your work with the world. It is the beginning of that journey to which I refer, and I have just taken the first step.

After months of researching agents and how to query them, I've picked a few to query in the hopes that I can get representation. At this moment, I've actually just queried one agent, and am awaiting a response. That was about fifty hours and seventeen minutes ago. If my knowing that doesn't tell you what a nerve wracking experience this is, just ask my husband, who must suffer through my whining.

So now, I wait. I know from researching the industry that many writers suffer months and even years of rejection (in which case this will be a very long and melancholy blog). Will I get an agent? Will I fail, utterly and completely? Time will tell, and so will my blog.

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  1. Yes, and so the journey begins, as I have had the privilege of having been through many with you. But I have no doubt of the outcome of this joyous journey - and it is not melancholy and long. I know you as a powerful conscious co-creator! We're going to have lots of fun with this! So what was that story about the agent's interview and what kind of books he is looking for?


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