Saturday, June 19, 2010


So, I was reading my Writer's Market newsletter today, and it was using running metaphors for novel writing. It said that writing your first draft is like a half marathon, and editing is another half marathon. I'm so there, baby!

Interestingly enough, I have recently started running, literally, to get in my exercise (although also interestingly enough, my metaphorical half marathon has replaced by actual running the last few weeks). So, although in real life I have not come anywhere close to running 13.1 miles (though I would one day like to), I've done some shorter competitions, so I can totally get into this visualization. At the start you feel super hyped, like you have enough energy to fly. Then after you've actually been running awhile, you get to the "why did I think this sounded like fun?" But then once you know you're at least half way done, you can start the pep talk, bringing yourself to the finish line - "the worst part's over, just a bit further."

So, while I'm in the doldrums of editing, I've got to keep in mind that I've already done the first half marathon, and I think I'm even more than half way done with the second. And while we're still on running metaphors, I definitely got a second wind last night and did some really great edits. Still feeling pretty pumped. Keep it up!

Me finishing up a recent race...

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