Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Nibble

Okay, so here's the snippet of the week, from Chapter One:

Compared to the noise of the street, the dark hush of the store was almost unsettling. The faint smell of old books, leather and silver polish tickled her nose. Wandering over to a set of marble bookends, she brushed her fingers over their cool surface. This place is deserted – maybe it’s closed after all, she reflected uneasily.

As the thought lingered in her mind, she noticed to her relief a spot of bright light coming from the back of the store. She moved towards it, passing by a row of tall wooden shelves holding hundreds of leather clad volumes. Eva took a couple off the shelf and flipped through them, then stopped to admire a case of vintage costume jewelry, arrayed like exotic birds and flowers captured in a terrarium. The low light made the colors look rich and deep, swimmable depths of sapphire, topaz and ruby.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Great visuals. Though I don't know who this person is or her name, I had a good sense of where she is, a place I wouldn't mind visiting. Nice Nibble, Alexia. I'm hungry for more.

  2. Its lovely Alexia, makes us curious to read and know more about the character.

    Thanks for the follow and the comment on my blog.

  3. Lovely imagery! You really nailed all the senses. I felt like I was right with her.

  4. Beautiful descriptions... I'm so curious as to how she got inside, what she's doing there... Oh so many questions!!!!


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