Thursday, March 17, 2011

Huzzah Ireland! It's the SPD Blogfest!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! And Happy Luck O' The Irish SPD Blogfest! This is the first blogfest I've hosted, and I couldn't have done it without my fabulous and lovely co-host, Colene Murphy. Now there's an Irish girl that seriously rocks!

My SPD entry is below, and further down is a list of all the awesome participants so you can hop with ease! I'll be at work all day Thursday, but I promise to visit everyone's blog when I get home in the evening.

Don't forget that there will be prizes! Colene and I will each pick our favorite SPD entry and announce the winners on Monday. Entries can consist of flash fiction or a favorite SPD memory/story. The prize is a new release of your choice! If you want to peek at me and Colene's original posts about the fest (for more details and all that good stuff), click here and here.

So, writery lads and lassies, I present to you my SPD flash fiction:

Smoke wafted up into the air. The young witch sat back in the thick grass of the meadow and smiled in satisfaction.

A moment later, the smile fell away as a strange sound filled the air, like the whistle of a train. Something flew towards her, coming down through the sky with frightening speed. Bright and colorful and…

The rainbow hit the ground beside her, splashing color over her cloak like melted crayons. Beside it stood a little man with greenish skin and copper hair. He wore a bright green suit and on a chain around his neck hung a huge golden badge.

“Limerick O’Malley, Magical Environmental Protection Agency. You’re in violation of Code 287.11523, use of a faulty wand that produces harmful smoke.”

“You’re who? With what?” stammered the witch.

Ignoring her, the leprechaun flipped out a small pad of paper and continued. “I’ll let you off today with a warning, but I’ll have to confiscate your wand.”

“Since when do leprechauns regulate the use of magic?”

“You’re new around here, aren’t you? They may let you get away with murder in America, but in Ireland we take the protection of our meadows very seriously.” He finished writing and handed her the ticket. "Your wand now, lassie.” He flattened his palm before her face imperiously.

"No way. No miniature man is taking my wand,” she said sullenly, one hand on her hip.

A deep sigh escaped the leprechaun’s lips. “I was afraid it’d come to this.” In one swift move he pulled out a pair of gold handcuffs, flicked the wand out of her hands, and latched the cuffs around her wrists.

“You can’t be serious! This makes no sense whatsoever!”

“Actually it makes perfect sense. I’m green. I protect the green.” He hauled her towards the rainbow. “We’re headed to the other side now. And there ain’t no pot of gold for you there, either.”

See below for all the other SPD entries. Blog hop til you're tipsy like you've had too much green beer!


  1. I tell ya, of the couple entries I've read so far (including my own) those leprechauns are a quirky bunch. You never quite know what you're going to get from them.

    Very original! I love that he's a member of MEPA, lol.

  2. I love the bit of Harry Potterish-ness with the wand and the magic. No one's been particularly lucky in the entries I've read so far!

  3. An Irish Harry Potter, how clever.
    I see a battle in their future. Who conquers, leprechaun or witch? Interesting. lol

  4. Cute story. Thanks for sharing it, Alexia. But now I want to read more of it. I need to know what happens.

  5. Very cute. I love how the rainbow crashed down spilling its colors.

  6. Ha! Awesome! Very cool Alexia!! I had a blast putting this together with you! Thanks so much!! Happy SPD!

  7. This is great! Such an original take - to have leprechauns making the law rather than breaking it. Brilliant! Thanks for hosting such a fun blogfest and Happy SPD to you! :)

  8. Nicely written...

    You imagery is wonderful... "The rainbow hit the ground beside her, splashing color over her cloak like melted crayons."

    Happy St. Paddy's Day!


  9. I LOVE this! Magical Environmental Protection Agency...too funny.

  10. Awesome! "I'm green. I protect the green." So clever. LOL. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for hosting. This is tons of fun :)

  11. Yes! Witches and leprechauns. Love it. Loved how the rainbow knocked into her, splattering color.

  12. Very cute. I loved the splashing rainbow and the "green protecting the green." Nicely done! And thanks for co-hosting!

  13. Gotta love a small man with attitude! And, even the fey world is tied up with green tape of bureaucracy. It was bound to happen. Sigh. Great blog.

  14. Is it weird that I love the gold handcuffs? Because it felt...weird. ;-) I love the image of the rainbow rushing through the sky and smashing into the ground next to her!

  15. Great last line! Made me laugh. :)

  16. Very nicely done! Sorry I entered my wrong link for the blogfest. :(
    I added a new one. But this was lots of fun and thanks for hosting it. Nice to meet you!
    Erin go bragh!

  17. Ha, I love the voice! You've imagined a whole world with its own rules--so cool!

  18. I was supposed to take part in this but something came up, so sorry. Hope you had a good St Patrick's day.

  19. I loved this story, very funny. Thanks for hosting such a fab fest. Lx

  20. I LOVE this story! Gotta protect the green... And I got such a great sense of the character in a short period of time. Kudos-- I want to read more!

  21. Cute and witty! Those leprechauns are always trouble, I tell ya!

  22. Love it! I found you through another of your participants. I linked in my SPD post, but I just shared Irish goodies, not any creative writing, sorry... You sham-ROCK!

  23. Sorry so long in reading and commenting on your entry. I LOVE it! Too cute; Magical Environmental Protection Agency. It so sounds like something out of Harry Potter!

    Thanks again for hosting such an awesome fest!

    Cheers :D


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