Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some Things I Did Last Weekend While Not Writing

I had an entire hermity weekend planned out. I was going to sit on the sofa and edit my happy little brains out (literally, I think it's dying a slow death). Then my husband announced that we'd been invited to go boating at a nearby river. At first I resisted... but then I realized that sometimes us writers just need to get out and relax, be with people, not bore the hubs and kids to death, etc. So, here are some pics:

Mr. Dragonfly applauds little dude for exercising proper boating safety.

To me, this is the real Florida - no flamingos, just a nice jungly swamp-like location.

A random tree, which may have been used in the filming of either Tarzan, or Creature from the Black Lagoon. 

Some pretty flowers.

What have you been doing lately while not writing?


  1. Looks like the dragonfly is conducting the final safety check!
    In my non-writing time, I've been editing. Wait? What do you mean that doesn't count? :)
    I have enjoyed gardening this year. Spring came early, and I've had waves of color in my yard. First yellow, then pink, and now purple.

  2. I spent last weekend in the company of friends. And does intensive blogging count as non-writing time?

  3. Awesome pics. I think a friend of mine has a picture of the same tree. It's very striking. =o)

    My non-writerly activities lately have been: crocheting, reading and for a while, working on a genealogy project. Sadly, I got a whole lot more done on those than any of my WIPs.

  4. I'm jealous. Wish I'd done something interesting while not writing. Instead I just worked. Doh!


  5. I am envious, but glad that you had a great time. Sometimes its important to get out with family and friends and not write. The break does our brains a world of good.

  6. What a lovely weekend! That tree is so interesting-looking!

    I've been trying to catch up on sleep lately. Which, admittedly, has eaten into my writing time a little, but I figure the book will thank me later.


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