Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Procrastination = Your Abundance of Awesome Linkage

So, I've had this Yahoo email account since I was 15 or so, and over the years it began to get completely inundated with spam because I'd sign up for various daily emails which over time became an overwhelming amount of mail. When I became serious about my writing a couple years ago, I created my Gmail account, which also is linked to my smart phone, and I've slowly begun using that for everything. My Yahoo account has since imploded due to my complete and utter neglect of it - just logged on and there are 5,019 emails. Not including the ones that get caught in the spam filter. Yeah.

Anyways, I am therefore very selective now with the daily emails I subscribe to. But two that I love to get are Writer Unboxed and GTLA (Guide to Lit Agents). However, over the past few months even those two got a bit out of hand, and my pristine Gmail account was creeping up to 300 emails. So today I went through and read almost all of them, and tweeted links to all my fave articles. I thought I would provide the linkage here, all in one neat and tidy place for your perusal. Yes, I love you and you're welcome.

My tweets, in historical order and pretty colors:

I may have shared this before, but it's prob worth resharing if I have. Some good marketing stats at Writer Unboxed:

Here's another one: awesome video about writers and persistence by @yuvizalkow Diagram of common editing symbols, plus some humorous ones. And lots of links to articles on revision.

I've always thought trying to get an agent is like dating. Apparently that metaphor is fitting even after finding one:

A great article on different outline methods: Even some choices for pantsers!
Query advice written as haiku! Gotta love it!
LOL! Drunken pitch practice
So this is about marketing e-books, but has good stuff for marketing in general:
Really thought-provoking stuff about character motivation and depth and climax (the book kind of course)
Some basics on the financials of book sales
A wildly successful traditional pub turned indie star author interview
Okay, tweets done. One more link though - there's a cool Christmas book bloghop/giveaway going on through the 22nd, called the 12 Days of Christmas Reading Gift List. Check it out here!

 Hope you enjoy the linkage, and have a great start to your week!!


  1. Eek. I don't think I've ever had that many emails. Thanks for the links. And for the reminder that I really should've been following you on Twitter all this time.

  2. I'm impressed that you read most of the emails. Wow!

  3. Nice links.. thanks for sharing.. going to check out the new ones:)

  4. 5,019 emails?? Holy moly.

    Excellent linkage! Have a great week, too, Alexia!

  5. 5019, is a whopping account. How did you manage not to check your emails for so many days?? Thanks for the links.

  6. Good linkage and colorful, to boot!

  7. These are awesome, Alexa! And I know how you feel... I'm so overdue cleaning out my email boxes. I have 2 and try to keep my gmail on everything writing related. But I've come to only read certain news posts/blogs via email cuz i just can't keep up. Info overload!!

  8. Oh, good links, thanks! Especially interesting was the agent-dating one. ;o) And the copyeditor marks! LOL

  9. Thanks for all the linky links! It's like Christmas came early:):)

  10. Way to stay on top of it! I want to be like you:)
    Thanks for the great links!

  11. Beautiful blog....fantastic header.

    Stop by my blog if you like for an e-book giveaway.




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