Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Don't Be Afraid: A Big, Random and Somewhat Lengthy Post

So, my computer has not been my friend lately. It came down with another virus, this time requiring my hubs to completely wipe the whole hard drive and reinstall everything. So, yeah. Add that to my already inconsistent blog posting, and that to the fact that I'm headed to Italy on Sunday, and you get one BIG post to catch up and tide you over until my return.

First, random news:
  • I got an email last week from an agent I queried last summer, who had already rejected me (very nicely I must say), rejecting me a second time though I had not resubmitted. I had to get a little cosmic giggle out of this, because I am about to start querying my latest book, and it was like the universe saying, "Gear up, girl, it's time for some torture".
  • I officially bombed out for the second half of the Campaign thing. Partially my computer's fault, partially me being lame. Sorry, guys.
  • I've officially named by current book. I was calling it Noir, as a nickname, but since this had been used before, the new name is (drumroll, please): Martinis with the Devil.
  • I entered Janet Reid's pay-it-forward agent contest. Universe, now is the time to repay me for that double-rejection thing and the computer virus thing.
  • I will be in Italy from Sunday to Sunday. Yes, I will post pics when I get back!
  • After that, I am doing a "final" read through of my book and beginning to query. I've done all the major structural edits and all the boring nitpicky edits, and now it just needs some polish. Then, Query Land! So, (and hold me to this) I will be querying by April 15th. Tax day.
  • So, I may not post again until after the first round of queries is out. We'll see how it goes.

Okay, now for some fun! The lovely T.F. Walsh has tagged me in the Lucky 7 Meme! It is super fun (make sure you check out hers). Here are the rules:

1. Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they’re written.
4. Tag 7 authors
5. Let them know

And here's my snippet from Martinis with the Devil. Unfortunately it hit right at a scene break.

It wasn’t Alexander.

It was a woman wearing a mask over her eyes, ninja style. At that moment, that split second when the shock of realization hit me, something smashed into the back of my head and everything went black.

* * *

Something acrid was being waved beneath my nose. I jumped up and moved across the room in an eye-blurring motion.

“Settle down, Zyan, it’s just me.” Eli was sitting on the floor of the safe room. The HR sat next to him.

“Oh, thank God,” I breathed. The HR was okay.

“Yes, I’m sure He had something to do with it,” the HR said, a gentle smile on his lips. Such a peaceful expression, despite coming within a hair of being murdered.

“How long was I out? Where’s the assassin?” I asked in a rush.

Hope you enjoyed it! I am tagging:

Abby Minard
An Alleged Author
Colene Murphy
Matt MacNish
Deana Barnhart
Jai Joshi

Have fun, writer friends! Have grand adventures while I'm on my maybe-hiatus. Talk to you soon!


  1. Feel bad about your computer virus, Alexia. Double rejection from an agent you had not resubmitted sounds funny.

    Have fun in Italy. We will love to some pics of you and hubby in Italy.

    Good luck with querying :)

    Thanks for the tag. Enjoyed reading your snippet from Martinis with the Devil (love the title)

  2. Ohh I like your snippet...I want to know more... who hit her across the head? Thanks for sharing:)

  3. You're going to Italy too??? I am seething with jealousy as I read through my Google Reader today. Oh, and have fun and stuff! And I like your Lucky 7 :)

  4. Hope you have an awesome time in Italia! Where abouts are you going?

    Sucks about your computer too; hope it all gets sorted out soon :)

  5. Sorry to hear your have computer trouble, but hey, you are off to Italy! That must be some consolation!

    Intrigued by your excerpt - Who or what is "The Hr"?

    Have fun in Italy!

  6. I enjoyed your excerpt. :)

    I also like the title of your book.

    Good luck with querying (yes, it can be torture).

  7. Wow. That double rejection thing is pretty cosmic. Are you going to Italy for Bologna? Or just for fun?

  8. Have a great time in Italy! And the double rejection thing is really funny.

  9. Love the title! and have a fabulous trip!

  10. Thanks for the tag first off:)And then...Italy!? So lucky!!! I'll bet you'll come away with some fabulous writing ideas.
    I think Martinis with the Devil is a perfect name and your lines have me very intriguing about the HR. Great job!
    Good luck on querying when you get back too. I'm trying to layer on the thick skin as I prepare:)

  11. Have a blast in Italy! And thanks for sharing your awesome snippet. I definitely want to know what happens next and what happened leading up to this.

  12. I love the title! And that scene is so intense--sounds like you've got an action-packed book on your hands (and the voice is great). Can't wait to see pictures from Italy! Have so much fun!

  13. Hey that's neat! Your story sounds AMAZING! I cannot wait to read it one day, and the title IS really great too!

    Have fun in Italy!! I can't even...I'm so jealous it's insane. ;)

  14. Oh man I LOVE Italy- I hope you have a fabulous time! The weather should be nice- not too cold yet, right? And I LOVE your title. Very intriguing. Your little snippet looks like it was the perfect place to put it down- makes me want to read it ;p Good luck with querying :) I recently revamped my query and am going to try sending it out again once I get organized at my house ;p

  15. Oooow, this is a fun one! I'll have to have a look and see what part of my suspense novel this hits. Should be interesting!

    Yours was a bit action packed, wasn't it? Being concussed and then coming too. I'm wondering who this assassin is...


  16. Thank you so much for the tag! Buuuut..I'm kind of shy about the WIP for the moment. I will have to do it once I get some guts. :)

  17. Everytime I re-enter the query wars I think of a line from one of my favorite movies..."Gear Up!" :)

  18. Sorry to hear about the computer problems. : (
    Have a great time in Italy!

  19. Wow, Italy! You lucky, girl:) Loved your 7 lines, too!!

  20. Sorry for your bad luck lately. I think a trip to Italy is a perfect way to turn things around for yourself ;)

    Lovely snippet from your WIP. Sounds like a suspenseful story!

  21. Your excerpt sounded way interesting! Intriguing title too. :) I like the name Zyan. And ooh!--enjoy Italy!! Best wishes for getting ready to query by tax day.

  22. Love the excerpt, and a big LOL on the second rejection. That happened to me once, too, and it made me giggle.

    Have fun in Italy!

  23. I am sure that you are in Italy as I type! I hope that you enjoy yourself! Computer problems are never fun - you've had more than your share and are due for a good run!

  24. Hi, Alexia, good luck with the agent contest. Love the new title of your book. It will leap out on book shelves. Lucky you to have a week in Italy. I'll look forward to the pictures. And I enjoyed the part of your book that you shared. Nice, tight writing that piqued my interest in the story.

  25. Yuck, sorry about your computer virus. Good luck on your upcoming round of queries!

  26. Bummer on the virus, too, btw. Hope you're enjoying Italy!!! and have a safe trip back. Hey, I had awarded you a meme award and then when I went to notify you, I see here (duh) that you've already done it. So depending on how you read my blog posts, the updated version has someone else in that spot so you won't have to do it twice!

  27. Love the excerpt. Excellent!
    I also had a nasty computer virus which was sucky. Glad your comnputer is purged again now, too.


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