Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rome! Florence! Venice!

I'm back! I know I said I might not post again until after I sent out my first round of queries, but I miss you guys. So, here's a visual tour of my Italy trip.


The Colosseum

Inside Saint Peter's basilica - the most extravagant building I've ever seen.

The Trevi Fountain. Pictures just don't do it justice. So cool.

A fat, friendly and sneaky pigeon who gobbled some weird Italian Dorito type things I tossed him while sipping Prosecco.

Me atop the Castel Sant'Angelo. After Prosecco.


The Duomo. Didn't go to the top. Deathly afraid of heights.

Just a random cool clock. I have a thing for vintage clocks.

The River Arno at sunset.

On our vineyard tour. The vineyards all keep one bottle of each variety from each year (or something like that). A lot of bottles at this place.

During the wine tasting. Yummy Chianti and the remainders of some Tuscan bread and olive oil.

The Tuscan hills.

Cute rustic signs during our vineyard hike.

Another cool countryside view.

And we totally had an Irish pub by our hotel in Florence. Huzzah.

My future home.


One of many cute bridges.

The Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge.

Some boats near the produce market. Got some yum strawberries and grapes.

A cool door. Right up on the water. Isn't that so weird? Just boat up and step into your house.

A seagull. I kept cursing them for not standing still, and this one finally did.

So, what happened while I was gone? How's life? And writing?


  1. My god. Just another day in paradise. I hope you had lots of wine, and didn't spill a drop on your feet.

  2. Some awesome photos! It would be so cool to visit Tuscany. Glad you had a good time and we missed you as well.

  3. Gorgeous pics, Alexia. It looks like you had an awesome trip. Welcome back! =o)

  4. So beautiful! My hubby took me on a surprise vacation to Italy and a Mediterranean Cruise last summer. We stayed a few days in Rome and then went on the cruise, then came back to Rome for another day. It was unbelievable and I can't wait to go back!
    We didn't get a chance to visit Florence and Venice this time, but I'm hoping to get there soon.
    Looks like you had an amazing time in Italy.

  5. Ah, it's all so lovely! You're giving me wanderlust. Glad you had such a fabulous time! Good luck with querying!

  6. Great pics, Alexia. I too want to visit Venice and Rome. Looks like you had a wonderful time :)

  7. I loved Italy! Your pictures really took me back. :-)

  8. Holy cow, you did a fantastic job with these shots. Excellent eye. Very well done.

  9. Tuscany! Love it :) How fun, looks like you had a great trip.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing this experience with us, Alexia. I saw the pictures this morning while at work via trusty iPhone. I'm home now, but I just pulled my wife over to the pc so she could see them, too. Her and I have always talked about going. Very, very cool!
    Glad your back. *waves*


  11. Wow, views so breathtaking! I'm so jealous, I want to visit all these places so bad. Right now we're saving up for a family trip for summer 2013 to celebrate 15th wedding anniversary to Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia:) BTW, I know you're busy querying but if you want the chance to win an Easter basket full of YA books, visit my blog this week~glad you're back & gOOd luCK queryiNG!

  12. What awesome photos... the locations look gorgeous.. I bet you miss it already... Loved your future home:)

  13. Oh, gorgeous! Thank you for the lovely photos - I love the wine. :) Of course.

  14. Oh wow fabulous pictures! I feel like I've followed you around.

  15. WELCOME back! The pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them. Glad you had a great time.


  16. Oh, lovely, all these photos! Cute one of you, too. :) I'm glad you've had the opportunity for this trip!! Enjoy.

  17. What great pictures! Fantastic share. It sounds like such a wonderful trip, and the activities really give the flavor. I really like your future home.

    Welcome back. Will look forward to future posts.

  18. I can't help but sigh seeing your pictures! It makes me long to go. But what a beautiful trip for you. Looks like you had lovely weather to boot. So glad you're home safely and that you had such a marvelous trip!


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