Tuesday, June 19, 2012


On Sunday I was being spectacularly lazy. My son was with my sister and my husband had left town, and I was watching Sherlock Holmes Games of Shadows all by myself. I adore the two recent SH movies. Robert Downey Jr. plays the complex character brilliantly, with all his flaws and neuroses and the incredible way he sees the world. Then there's the intense love/hate relationship between him and Watson, and the dark, super cool 19th century setting, and a super loathsome villain you just want to sock in the face. And while the credits were rolling, I wished I could write something so fantastic. Then I had an epiphany.


I have the potential to come up with a mind-blowing story of many-layered richness. We all do. And then I had another epiphany (like a double rainbow, soooo intense).

I have unlimited creative possibilities before me, that I can explore for the rest of my life. How freaking cool is that???

I can come up with some awesome 19th century London tale, maybe something steampunk. I could be struck with inspiration for something involving lots of the things I find fascinating: Egypt, the 1920s, medieval history, uncharted space. Or, I could ignore all of that and just make something up, my very own world (one of the many rad things about writing fantasy). Or, I could do it all. That's the fun part: I don't know when and where inspiration will lead me. It's a lifetime of mysteries that will never stop unfolding.

Which is why I love writing.

Now, if you'll bear with me just a bit longer, I wanted to pass on some blog awards I got.


Thank you Medeia Sharif and Sabrina Fish! I'm honored to receive these. If you don't know these lovely ladies, pop over and say hi!

Now, the guidelines for the awards are that I share 7 facts about myself (for the One Lovely Blog) and my 5 fave books (The Booker). I'm also supposed to pick a limited number of people to pass them along to, but I'm just going to award them to all of my followers! I heart all of you.

7 Facts  - I'm going to add a twist and list the next 7 places on my world travel wish list:

1) Ireland 2) Greece 3) Bora Bora 4) The Great Barrier Reef 5) Seattle 6) Peru 7) France (again)

5 Fave Books - Wow, this is really hard.

1) The Hobbit 2) The DaVinci Code 3) Summon the Keeper 4) The Graveyard Book 5) Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake #1)

Let me know if you do a post of 7 facts/5 fave books on your blog so I can come check it out! And, what's your favorite thing about writing?


  1. unlimited creative possibilities

    That gets me excited every time I sit down to write! :)

  2. Yes you can!
    That said... I know the feeling. I got it watching John Carter. That is the epic science fiction tale I want to write. And I am really trying with my third book. Really, really trying...

  3. What a great epiphany! I love the infinite possibilities of writing. It gives me a great rush. Yet there's so many ideas and so little time to write them!

  4. Some exciting places to visit on your list. CONGRATS on your blog awards!

  5. We have a lot of to-visit places in common on our bucket list!

  6. Aw, what a wonderful epiphany! I love that feeling--it makes all the frustrations of the writing business more than worth it.

  7. I've been spectacularly lazy lately, too! Gotta' get back on that writing wheel - good luck to you also!

  8. I've been to only one place your location list... Seattle... and I loved it there.. so want to go back. I also want to visit France one day.

  9. A steampunk Egyptian tale set in the 1920s would be pretty awesome. Howard Carter using a steampowered excavation drill to get into the tomb of Tutankhamun ...

  10. Well, I share one place and one fav book with you. I've been to Ireland and love The DaVinci Code! Have you read Angelology? I'm reading it now and it has a similar feel. I'll just share one more fact with you . .. signed a publishing deal yesterday *squeals* LOL at your double rainbow comment--WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!? (have you seen that Youtube video? great stuff)

  11. Hi, Alexia. *waves* Two things, I think: (1) hearing people talk about how they enjoyed my work and (2) meeting like-minded writers who go through the same peaks and valleys.
    Thanks for sharing.


  12. I'd love to visit those places, too, and I haven't read any of those books!

    I love your CAN statement. Very inspirational.

  13. Congrats on your blog awards. I am sure you will write a fantastic book. Da Vinci Code is one of my favourites too.

  14. Congrats on your blog awards. I have another one waiting for you at my blog, Mama Diaries. Bora Bora is beautiful. If you get there, be sure to visit Morea. It's even better!

  15. You definitely can! And congrats on your blog awards. Ireland is at the very top of my list too. :)

  16. Congratulations on your awards! My favorite part about writing has to be the kissing. I mean writing about first kisses and cute boys. LOL. Ireland and Italy are on the top of my must travel list.

  17. Congratulations on your award! Loved reading about you!

  18. Congrats on your awards! My favorite thing about writing is escaping from it all; saying something I want/need to say creatively; doing something I feel I was meant to do.


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