Wednesday, January 4, 2017

When Ash Rains Down Release Day!

Hi guys! I'm so happy to help my friend and CP Cecelia Earl celebrate the release of her debut novel! It's a super fun YA about angels and you should check it out!

Being crowned homecoming queen and enduring a week at the center of her classmates' attention is eighteen-year-old Julia White’s worst nightmare—even with Cole, her long-time crush, as her date. But when Julia is attacked by a green-blooded demon that vanishes in a plume of smoke, she comes face to face with what real nightmares look like—in the flesh, and all of the homecoming stuff hardly matters anymore.

As a frightening wave of crime infiltrates her small Wisconsin town, Julia tries to avoid Nicholas, a brooding, infuriating relative of Cole’s, who insists she’s the reason behind the corruption. He claims the culprits are demons who are after powers that only she—a human-angel hybrid—possesses. It’s unbelievable, of course, until he takes her to a hidden battlefield where warrior angels train to fight soul-siphoning demons—and her own angelic wings unfold.

When angels and demons draw battle lines, endangering everyone in their way, Julia has to find a way to protect them all, including herself. Because as it turns out, she’s the devil's most powerful weapon against the angels, and he’ll stop at nothing to claim her. 

The final battle between Heaven and Hell has begun.

You can connect with Cecelia here:

Congrats, Cecelia!


  1. Congrats to Cecelia. Love her book cover and the title. Sounds very interesting.

  2. Yay!!! It is such a pretty cover. Lovin' the love, Alexia.

  3. Congratulations to Christy! I missed that today was release day.

  4. Sounds excellent! Congrats, Christy!

  5. You are so sweet! I'm so sorry I missed that you posted this! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are awesome and I'm so glad I know you! <3 Christy/Cecelia

    Thank you also Rachna, Crystal, Alex, and Jamie! :)


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