Friday, April 14, 2017

Sneak Peek of Zyan Star Book 4!

The Zyanniversary continues! We're partying hard! Today's post is a sneak peek of the first page (rough draft!) of Zyan Star Book 4. Enjoy :)

The bed sheets smelled of lust and brimstone. Why was it I always had to fall for the bad boys?

As the slumbering form next to me stirred and rolled over, my eyes clawed over the length of him. All dark skin and sumptuous lips (God, don’t even get me started on those lips), lean muscles and clever hands. Without opening his eyes, he pulled me toward him and buried his face in my neck. A shiver moved through me, and I could almost forgive him for the brimstone scent. And it wasn’t even because of his ebony wings that reminded me so much of Eli.

As his mouth nibbled along the edge of my shoulder, I pulled back. “I’ve got to get going.”

Kaj sat halfway up, his pale golden eyes smoldering. “I’m not done worshipping you yet.”

For a demon, he could be quite poetic. Or something. My thoughts were already going fuzzy as his kisses moved rapidly southward…

I shoved myself out of the bed and to my feet. “Really. I have things to do.”

“So do I,” he said with a devilish curl to his lips.

“Things not involving nudity.”

I turned and started to put on my clothes. Kaj made a grab for me, but I dodged him and moved to the window, thrusting back the curtains. A slice of sun was dipping below the horizon, illuminating the Sagrada Familia in the distance. It would have been pretty, if I went for that sort of thing.

Across the room, my phone chimed. Kaj grabbed it off the nightstand despite my noise of protest and looked down at the screen. “Who’s Quinn?”

My heart constricted in a funny way that almost felt like regret. It’d been more than a year since I’d seen Quinn or Riley. More than two since I’d seen Donovan or Eli. The warmth I’d felt in Kaj’s arms just minutes before seeped from my body.

“A friend,” I said. “An old friend.”

 The book should be out this Fall. What do you think? I can’t wait to dive further into the story. Pop over to myFacebook page for the daily free book and other fun stuff!

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