Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Zyanniversary Day 3: Favorite Lines!

We’ve arrived at day three of the Zyanniversary! Are you having fun yet? Got some free books? Pop over to Facebook to check that out, or see this post for an intro to the Zyanniversary and a Rafflecopter giveaway.

The main event today is favorite lines. I’ll post some of my faves (Is that too narcissistic? Zy has rubbed off on me), and you can add yours in the comments. Woot!

“I have a plan. Find that bastard, and kill his sorry ass. It has a beautiful simplicity, don’t you think?” I smiled a smile I knew was not pretty at all.

Martinis with the Devil

He wore head-to-toe body armor wrought from gleaming silver and carried a helmet under his arm. Even his hands were covered in gauntlets. His skin was the color of dark cinnamon and his eyes a gold-green like a panther. And his wings—his wings I couldn’t stop staring at. They weren’t one color, but many; feathers of bronze and silver and pewter and moss green. They sung of death and victory.

Whiskey and Angelfire

As we walked down the dock, a stingray glided through the purple water beneath us, outlined in sparkling phosphorous. You’d never guess we were in Hell. Lucifer sure had an eccentric taste in locales.

Vengeance and Vermouth

Their eyes glowed fuchsia, and their bodies left smears of light like shooting stars, both beautiful and disorienting. Only two things about them had any solidity: their teeth and their hooves. Sparks flew up off the mountain where their feet touched the ground.

Black Magic and Mojitos

“What kind of circus is this exactly?” I asked.

She shrugged an elegant shoulder. “A supernatural circus, of course.”

After that she introduced me to the main crew. There were vampire twins who did a knife and sword show, faeries who manipulated lights and danced, a snake charmer who apparently was a snake shifter herself, a couple low-level demons who performed magic tricks, and a trio of witches. And of course the werewolves, who were contortionists and daredevils.

Sorcery and Sidecars

So, what are your fave lines - from your own book or another? And definitely check out my Facebook posts for free books, character profiles, and other excellent stuff.


  1. Awesome lines! I love the urban fantasy gives us this opportunity to be sarcastic with supernatural stuff and still allows us to gasp in awe at the magic.

  2. You do have a way with words.

    Here's a bit from "Deadly Dinner" which was just accepted for publication...

    I spent most of my free time sitting with her, talking, playing cards, watching for symptoms. It’s funny, I think we would have become friends, if I hadn’t been, you know, trying to kill her.

  3. I love sharing fave lines and I don't think it's in any way narcissistic. "I smiled a smile I knew was not pretty at all." Love it!


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