Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Dramatic Death Song for Borders

Oh, Borders, how I loved to walk in your gigantic temple of books

Oh, Borders, how I was super addicted to the chocolate chip cookies in your café

Oh, Borders, how I loved to sip a hot caffeinated beverage and sit in the presence of other book lovers

Oh, Borders, how I knew the faces of so many staff and wonder what they’re going to do now

I do not like Books a Million. I do like B&N, but it’s all the damn way on the other side of town.

How could you leave us like this Borders?

Where will I go now to sit with other book lovers and smell the delicious inky paper smell of books? Real books, not Nooks?

Where will I go to look at all the shiny new releases?

Where will I go to feed my son’s addiction to those darn cat warrior books that he snarfs through in a week?

Where am I going to go to fantasize about my future book signings and being the local literary starlet?

I guess all the Borders lovers are SOL, up a river without an oar, up against a vampire without some garlic.

But we will remember you, Borders. We will declare, e-books are cool, but I want my freaking bookstores, too!!


  1. This almost brought tears to my eyes. I had a Borders across the street from my house and I could walk to it. I recall when Oscar de la Hoya did a book signing there people were lined up for about four blocks--it was amazing. But I will say I got some exceptional sales prices on books during the last few days they were in business. And now there's just a big empty storefront in the shopping center that will probably stay empty for a good while to come.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Oh, Borders, if only you'd let people go wee wee in your restrooms. That was the only thing I didn't like about the Santa Monica Borders.

    I did like how Borders spotlit the novels that were new. And I liked the arrangement because it wasn't so confusing. If the bookstores disappear off the face of the earth, I will mourn.

    You are so poetic. I love your posts. :)

  3. I had to drive 20 miles to get to a Borders - and it's the only bookstore within a couple hours of me. >:( I've heard that B&N might open in the Borders building, but I don't know how probable it is. I'm so, so ordering is nothing like browsing a bookstore (or even browsing through Wal-Mart or Target - totally different and nobody's there to answer questions!).

  4. I totally just sang that song to the melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...because it's the only melody I could think of. I've been watching too much kid-TV.
    Good song. I got teary when I read the line about shiny new releases. Mega stores just aren't the same as a REAL bookstore.

  5. I freaking love this! Thanks for the chuckle..even though the theme of the post is rather sad :( I will miss Borders as well!

  6. My closest Borders was 2 hours away, and it was the closest of any bookstore for me. They closed it during the first store-ectomy, and I was so bummed. Now their empty building is a hole I have to drive by every time I take the kid to college. It blows. I miss them. B&N is 20 minutes farther, and their staff is less friendly. =o(

  7. We didn't have a Borders, but we had a Waldenbooks once. And I don't like Books A Million either.

  8. All this happening at the same time our town's branch library is closing. My (former) librarian husband and I are shaking our heads in sadness--former, also because of budget cuts ...

  9. I know, sniff. It's very sad. All those lovely books. Where will they go? We don't even have a B&N down here in southern Oregon, so now we're left with NOTHING. At least an hour's drive away,

  10. It's such a bummer. There's a B&N close to me, luckily, which helps, but it just plain saddens me to see Borders go. It feels like the beginning of the end... and I'm not one to be a doomsayer :(

  11. RIP Borders. Not that they have it here in the UK, but... RIP Borders.

  12. Touching song. :( I'll miss their books, pastries, and coffee.

  13. I didn't have a Borders near me, either. Lots of B&Ns...but, it's a sad thing for sure. :(

  14. I'm mourning Borders too. I don't like B&N because of how they exploit self published authors. BooksAMillion are a mess. I can never find anything in their stores.

    It's independent stores that I'm taking refuge in.


  15. RIP! Even when the big chain store bites the dust, it hurts.


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