Friday, January 10, 2014

Love List!

Recently while on Jaye Robin Brown's blog, she featured Love Lists, a list of things you love about your book to hone your focus during the ups and downs of the writing experience. Love Lists were originally created by Natalie Whipple (read more on her blog). I had heard about Love Lists a long time ago, and Jaye refreshed my memory, and I fell back in love with the concept. Anyways, I thought it'd be fun to share mine for my latest WiP. Share some of yours in the comments below, or do your own post and let me know! Hope everyone's having a kick-ass weekend so far!

  • White stag
  • Time travel
  • Golden bows
  • A kiss beneath a fall of stars
  • Computer hacker/finder of lost children
  • Astral hounds
  • Masquerade ball
  • Countless dimensions
  • Airships and flying cities
  • A dead tree and the daughters of Death
  • Horses with purple eyes
  • Lunar base
  • Dragon fire bond
  • Unexpected betrayals
  • Ever-changing sky
  • Harp music
  • Forest through the eyes of a silver fox
  • Clocks
  • The horned Ferryman
  • The Seeker and the Huntress

P.S. - If you love my love list, I'd love for someone(s) to read my first couple chapters and provide honest feedback. I'll swap crits with ya. So much love :)