Tuesday, April 25, 2017

RONE award nomination!!

Exciting news! Huntress Found, book one in my Timekeeper's War series, got nominated for a RONE award! The RONE award is for indie writers, managed through InD'Tale Magazine.

If you've read Huntress and want to vote for it (I would love you dearly), go here before April 30th! You have to create an account with InD'Tale, which is quick and easy :)

Hugs and kisses in advance!! XOXOXO

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Last Day of the Zyanniversary

We’ve arrived at the last day of the Zyanniversary! It’s been a fun week. There were free books EVERY SINGLE DAY on Facebook, so if you missed some of them, pop over, scroll back through the posts and hook yourself up.

We shall end things, fittingly, with talking about what’s coming up for Zy. On Friday I posted a sneak peak of the first page of Book 4. I should be releasing that later in 2017, probably October or November. It’ll depend on other things I’ve got cooking with my agent.

But the story will pick up two years after the events of Vengeance and Vermouth. A LOT has changed for Zy and her friends… but some things haven’t, and the past always comes back to haunt us, doesn’t it? Is Alexander really gone for good? What if Anna got together with another of Zy’s enemies and they started wreaking some major havoc in South America? Of course Lucifer always has some tricks up his sleeve. And there’s the matter of Zy and Eli… and Zy and Donovan… oh, boy(s)…

So, if you’re not already signed up for my newsletter and want to know when it releases (and other fun book news), click here.

I hope you’ve had a blast this week - I sure have! And you know Zyan did. She always does J

We came. We partied. It was epic. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Friends of Zyan - Urban Fantasy and PNR picks!

Today for the Zyanniversary, Zy will pay everyone’s taxes! Ha, JK. But she would if she could - Zyan would go to Hell and back for her friends (quite literally). So we’ll talk about some of her friends in this post. But don’t forget to pop over to Facebook for the free book of the day and other awesome stuff.

First, my main inspiration for writing urban fantasy: Laurell K. Hamilton. I devoured the Anita Blake books as a teen, or rather, the first eight or so. They got a bit dark for me after that, but I’ll never forget those first few and how addictive they were. That blend of the supernatural with danger and a bit of humor… good stuff.

Another great urban fantasy series with a refreshingly unique premise is the Totem Series by my friend Christine Rains. Set in Alaska, the series follow three bear shifter sisters on their hunt to find missing magical totems. The series is full of Inuit legend and mythos, and it’s a super fun read.

More on the paranormal romance side is the Cloaked Series by another friend, T.F Walsh. It’s about werewolves (called Wulkfin) and has a fun European flare to the traditional wolf story. Plus, it’s way steamy! Definitely a good one to get the blood racing J

If genies are more your thing, check out the Once Upon a Djinn series by B.E. Sanderson. Featuring a snarky genie whose personal mission is to free enslaved genies, it’s a fun read. A bit of romance, lots of good humor and action. Check it out!

What are your fave urban fantasy or PNR reads?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Sneak Peek of Zyan Star Book 4!

The Zyanniversary continues! We're partying hard! Today's post is a sneak peek of the first page (rough draft!) of Zyan Star Book 4. Enjoy :)

The bed sheets smelled of lust and brimstone. Why was it I always had to fall for the bad boys?

As the slumbering form next to me stirred and rolled over, my eyes clawed over the length of him. All dark skin and sumptuous lips (God, don’t even get me started on those lips), lean muscles and clever hands. Without opening his eyes, he pulled me toward him and buried his face in my neck. A shiver moved through me, and I could almost forgive him for the brimstone scent. And it wasn’t even because of his ebony wings that reminded me so much of Eli.

As his mouth nibbled along the edge of my shoulder, I pulled back. “I’ve got to get going.”

Kaj sat halfway up, his pale golden eyes smoldering. “I’m not done worshipping you yet.”

For a demon, he could be quite poetic. Or something. My thoughts were already going fuzzy as his kisses moved rapidly southward…

I shoved myself out of the bed and to my feet. “Really. I have things to do.”

“So do I,” he said with a devilish curl to his lips.

“Things not involving nudity.”

I turned and started to put on my clothes. Kaj made a grab for me, but I dodged him and moved to the window, thrusting back the curtains. A slice of sun was dipping below the horizon, illuminating the Sagrada Familia in the distance. It would have been pretty, if I went for that sort of thing.

Across the room, my phone chimed. Kaj grabbed it off the nightstand despite my noise of protest and looked down at the screen. “Who’s Quinn?”

My heart constricted in a funny way that almost felt like regret. It’d been more than a year since I’d seen Quinn or Riley. More than two since I’d seen Donovan or Eli. The warmth I’d felt in Kaj’s arms just minutes before seeped from my body.

“A friend,” I said. “An old friend.”

 The book should be out this Fall. What do you think? I can’t wait to dive further into the story. Pop over to myFacebook page for the daily free book and other fun stuff!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Zyan Character Quiz!

Today the main event of the Zyanniversary is the Zyan character quiz. Which character from the series are you? Do you have the sass and kickassery of Zy, or the peaceable nature of Quinn? The arrogance of Pan or the loyalty of Eli?

And head over to Facebook for my daily giveaways (EVERYONE gets a free book) and other groovy stuff! And post your results below in the comments! It’ll be fun :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Zyanniversary Day 3: Favorite Lines!

We’ve arrived at day three of the Zyanniversary! Are you having fun yet? Got some free books? Pop over to Facebook to check that out, or see this post for an intro to the Zyanniversary and a Rafflecopter giveaway.

The main event today is favorite lines. I’ll post some of my faves (Is that too narcissistic? Zy has rubbed off on me), and you can add yours in the comments. Woot!

“I have a plan. Find that bastard, and kill his sorry ass. It has a beautiful simplicity, don’t you think?” I smiled a smile I knew was not pretty at all.

Martinis with the Devil

He wore head-to-toe body armor wrought from gleaming silver and carried a helmet under his arm. Even his hands were covered in gauntlets. His skin was the color of dark cinnamon and his eyes a gold-green like a panther. And his wings—his wings I couldn’t stop staring at. They weren’t one color, but many; feathers of bronze and silver and pewter and moss green. They sung of death and victory.

Whiskey and Angelfire

As we walked down the dock, a stingray glided through the purple water beneath us, outlined in sparkling phosphorous. You’d never guess we were in Hell. Lucifer sure had an eccentric taste in locales.

Vengeance and Vermouth

Their eyes glowed fuchsia, and their bodies left smears of light like shooting stars, both beautiful and disorienting. Only two things about them had any solidity: their teeth and their hooves. Sparks flew up off the mountain where their feet touched the ground.

Black Magic and Mojitos

“What kind of circus is this exactly?” I asked.

She shrugged an elegant shoulder. “A supernatural circus, of course.”

After that she introduced me to the main crew. There were vampire twins who did a knife and sword show, faeries who manipulated lights and danced, a snake charmer who apparently was a snake shifter herself, a couple low-level demons who performed magic tricks, and a trio of witches. And of course the werewolves, who were contortionists and daredevils.

Sorcery and Sidecars

So, what are your fave lines - from your own book or another? And definitely check out my Facebook posts for free books, character profiles, and other excellent stuff.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Zyan Star Book Trailer!

Day two of the Zyanniversary! Today is the official one year anniversary of Martinis with the Devil!

If you missed yesterday’s post and the announcement of the Zyanniversary schedule, click here. It’s basically a huge party with a free book being given away every day on my Facebook page, plus a Rafflecopter for an e-book bundle with several great urban fantasy books by other authors as well.

Today I’m excited to reveal the book trailer I had made for the Zyan series. It’s something I never got around to last year, and I thought it would be fun for the one year anniversary.

Do you have a book trailer you want to share?

And pop over to facebook.com/aachamberlynn later for the daily giveaway and character profile!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Cocktails With Friends!

The Zyanniversary continues! (If you missed the intro post click here)

Zyan loves her cocktails, as you can probably tell from a series named after martinis, whiskey, vermouth, mojitos, and sidecars J Below are some of the faves of her and the crew. But first, a blog takeover by amazeballs urban fantasy author Christine Rains!

Happy Zyanniversary! I’m so excited to be a part of celebrating these kick-ass books.

I’m raising my glass to say cheers, and I’m sorry that only water is in it. I don’t drink any alcohol at all. But my characters do! What would the heroes in my Totem series drink?

Ametta Dorn – she’s young, sophisticated, and a wine snob. Don’t dare gift her with wine in a box! You might get it dumped over your head. She’d drink a pinot noir like Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair La Romanee Grand Cru. The bigger the name, the better, right?

Lucky Osberg – he might kick back with a beer or go out with buddies and drink their wine from boxes (not that he’d tell Ametta!). But he has experienced taste buds. You should see this gorgeous man cook! He’d mix himself up a Stinger (brandy and white crème de menthe liqueur). Classy and potent.

Kinley Dorn – she’s not much of a drinker as she likes to keep a clear head, but make any type of drink nerdy and she’ll give it a try. There’s a sweet Doctor Who inspired drink called The Grandfather. Don’t down it all at once!

Ransom Averill – this guy knows how to party. Whatever you have to drink, he’ll drink it! He wants to know if he has to pick just one? Give him an Irish Car Bomb or a Jagerade and clink glasses.

Saskia Dorn – not that she’s a party animal, but don’t challenge her to a drinking contest. She’ll drink what fits her mood, but she favors a smoked Alaskan porter. Like sitting by a campfire.

Sedge Kvasnikov – vodka. Straight up. He doesn’t mess around when it comes to anything and that includes drinking.

Cheers, Alexia!

Thanks, Christine! I'm gonna have to try The Grandfather myself :) Check out The Totem Series here - super fun urban fantasy with Inuit magic and lore.

So what do Zy and her crew drink?

Zyan’s fave: Siren’s kiss martini
Eli’s fave: Dwarven beer
Donovan’s fave: Whiskey
Pan: Faerie mead
Riley: Brimstone liquor
Quinn: Pixie dust martini

One my of favorite things in the Zyan Star series has been to make up some supernatural-ish cocktails :) If you want yet more books and beverages, check out www.booksandspirits.comwww.cocktailsandbooks.com, and this Flavorwire post on 10 Great Novels and the Cocktails You Should Pair Them With.

What are your favorite cocktails? How about your characters? Stay tuned the rest of the week for more Zyan party time! Also, make sure to check out the intro post for a Rafflecopter giveaway and facebook.com/aachamberlynn for a daily FREE book!

The Zyanniversary Begins!!

For those of you who may be new friends, Zyan Star is the main character of my urban fantasy series. April 11th, 2016, I released Martinis with the Devil, the first book in the series. I quickly followed with Whiskey and Angelfire, book two, and Vengeance and Vermouth, book three. There are also a couple novelettes in the series. It’s been a whirlwind, and I can’t believe a year has gone by already! So, we’re here to party hard core, because that’s how Zyan does things :)

Here’s the schedule of events for the week:

Every day I’ll have a main event, a giveaway, and a character profile or additional goodie for ya. A lot of the party is going on at my Facebook page, www.facebook.com/aachamberlynn, so hop on over there. EVERY DAY I will post a link on my FB page to download one of the Zyan books for free. It’s not a drawing, literally everyone who clicks can get a free book. 

I am ALSO doing a Rafflecopter of an e-book bundle with several yummy urban fantasy e-books featuring other authors as well. Enter below. Because I heart you, and Zyan thinks you’re alright, too :) If you have other friends that love urban fantasy, spread the love, eh? 

Now, pop back later for the main event of the day, Cocktails with Friends! Fellow kickass urban fantasy author Christine Rains is taking over the blog to share what her characters like to drink, plus Zyan will share her list, and I've got some other fun cocktail and book themed websites for you to check out.

Party on!

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