About Me

The Basics

I live with my son in the Florida panhandle amongst live oaks and pines. No beach or palm trees or flamingos; that's about 45 minutes away (well, flamingos are even further). We have a horse, two cats, and a bearded dragon (my son's lizard). I have a sociology degree that while fascinating is fairly useless in my day job, which is at an educational non-profit corp. It does however lead me to random musings about society and people and why the hell everything is how it is.

Everything Else:

I love chocolate, wine, the moon, nature, kick-ass heroines, horses, books, bookstores, Starbucks, the ocean, live oaks, dragonflies, blue jeans, martinis, my family (first and foremost, the ordering of this list not being indicative of any rank), strawberries, photos and taking them, traveling, Europe, watching and obsessively analyzing movies, live music, dancing, sunsets, eternal optimism. And so many other things!

You can connect with me further at my website http://www.alexiachamberlynn.com, or on Twitter, FaceBook or Pinterest.