Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Death and Dating Releases Today!

Death and Dating, The Quinn Chronicles Book 1, releases today! It's a Zyan Star spin-off series for all you Zyan fans out there. Snag a copy for FREE on Amazon through the 30th!

Life has been a little…interesting…since Quinn Devereux came back from the dead. Well, life being a relative term when you’re not sure if you’re exactly alive. Dating is hard enough without being non-corporeal. And there’s the small matter of her eternal servitude to Death.

But when someone casts a deadly spell on the high priestess of her former coven, Quinn is called in to find the killer. It’s been decades since she left the coven, and the terms of her departure aren’t exactly fond memories. She’s got to come to terms with her past while also learning to handle her new powers, and unfortunately there’s not a charm in her grimoire for that kind of thing.

As if that weren’t enough to cramp a witch’s style, her training to escort souls and become one of Death’s servants begins at precisely the same time Quinn is trying to catch the murderer. Add in a government group that hunts supernaturals and a reunion with the warlock who broke her heart, and you’ve got a whole cauldron of chaos on your hands.

Some witches have all the fun.