Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

Ah, New Year's Eve. I always contemplate lots of things and like to look back on the year ending and look forward to the year ahead. I had a great riding lesson on my horse today so that was a nice way to wrap up the year. I've also finished the outline for Huntress at War, the third and final book in the Timekeeper's War series.
2017 was a good year for books, much less busy than 2016, but still robust. I hosted my first Zyanniversary in April, for all you Zyan fans. Huntress Found was nominated for a Rone Indie Book award. My agent and I went on submission for my YA fantasy Of Blood, Earth, and Magic (and the verdict is still out on that). And of course, I released Huntress Lost and that's off to a great start.
2018 will hopefully hold a book deal for OBE&M, and I'll be releasing Huntress at War mid-year or so. Towards the end of the year I may even release the 4th Zyan book, but we'll see how those first two things play out.
What are your thoughts on ending 2017 and beginning 2018?
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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Three exciting things!!

Hi friends, I have THREE exciting things to announce! 

One, Huntress Lost is out! It's FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and about to go on sale for 99 cents if you don't have KU!

Two, I also have Huntress Found, the first book in the series, FREE for several days to celebrate. Find both here.

And three, the Book Holly-Days event begins today, featuring books that are all FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Go here for post Christmas shopping! We're also featuring a giveaway with a book bundle and gift card :)

I hope everyone is having a rad holiday season :) I know I am!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Book Holly-Days Author Promo!

Ready for the holidays? Or rather, Book Holly-days? It's our next fun event at December 26th - January 1st. Fantasy and romance books. Mark your calendar!

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Cover Reveal and Pre-order: Huntress Lost

Today I'm delighted to reveal the cover for Huntress Lost, the second book in my Timekeeper's War series!! If you are one of my newsletter subscribers, you saw this almost two weeks ago, but today is the public reveal, and also the pre-order launch.

For the next few days, Huntress Lost will be 99 cents for pre-order, but then the price is going up! Also, in celebration of the cover reveal, and in case you haven't read Huntress Found, the first in the series, I am making it FREE on Amazon starting tomorrow through the 14th.

So, without further ado....

Isn't it gorgeous?? My cover artist rocks. Here's what it's about (SPOILER ALERT BOOK 1):

Evryn thought that learning she’s a descendant of Artemis and part of a clan of Hunters that can jump through time and space was mind-blowing. But that was only the beginning. 

With Kellan trapped in the Timekeeper’s realm, her mother and the whole city of Skye taken hostage by a rebel Hunter, and the Artifex now living inside of her, she’s got just a few things on her plate. Not to mention she’s been thrown into the midst of a new clan, and her new stepmother and sister hate her. 

To avert another Hunter’s war and save those she loves, Evryn must seek the aid of the Hunter’s Council. But once she arrives at their headquarters in the Capitol, it’s frying pan to fire. The sinister leader of all the realms wants to keep her as a test bunny for his experiments, more than one person wants her dead, and the Artifex isn’t exactly staying quiet…

Evryn may have finally discovered the truth about her heritage, but she’s never been more lost.

So, GO HERE to snag your 99 cent pre-order of Huntress Lost, and HERE (starting the 12th) to grab your FREE copy of the first book in the series. 

And save the date for release day, December 26th!!

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend :)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

#13Treats Halloween Book Bash

Hi guys,

We're having a Twitter party and LOTS of giveaways over at Pop on over and check it out!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Editing, Evolving, and Life

Just finished a re-read of Huntress Found so I could cross-reference my plot points in Huntress Lost and finish up the first draft of that. I wrote it four years ago, literally to the month; I finished it on October 27th of 2013. It was fun to experience that story again and all the things I love about it, and also see the ways in which my writing has evolved since I wrote it. Also, and for some reason I never realized this before, I finished it about 5 days before I asked my ex for a divorce. Completely unrelated, but just weird when I look back at that time in my life.

Anyway, one thing I've definitely learned with this series is that it is NOT to my advantage to have that much time elapse between books in a series. It was hard to pick this story back up and dive into book two, as much as I love it. Especially because it does have such a complex plot in many ways. I'll have a fun time editing this one :)

But, I feel vastly better after my re-read and making notes of important plot points. I'll have this first draft finished up lickety split, and then it'll be time to polish that baby up and get it ready for my lovely ARC team.

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