Sunday, October 8, 2017

Editing, Evolving, and Life

Just finished a re-read of Huntress Found so I could cross-reference my plot points in Huntress Lost and finish up the first draft of that. I wrote it four years ago, literally to the month; I finished it on October 27th of 2013. It was fun to experience that story again and all the things I love about it, and also see the ways in which my writing has evolved since I wrote it. Also, and for some reason I never realized this before, I finished it about 5 days before I asked my ex for a divorce. Completely unrelated, but just weird when I look back at that time in my life.

Anyway, one thing I've definitely learned with this series is that it is NOT to my advantage to have that much time elapse between books in a series. It was hard to pick this story back up and dive into book two, as much as I love it. Especially because it does have such a complex plot in many ways. I'll have a fun time editing this one :)

But, I feel vastly better after my re-read and making notes of important plot points. I'll have this first draft finished up lickety split, and then it'll be time to polish that baby up and get it ready for my lovely ARC team.

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  1. I know how it feels to let that amount of time lapse. Glad you were able to slip back into the story.

  2. I'm writing book 3 in my series right now. Best thing, I've had to reread book 2 several times for editing at the same time. Super helpful!

  3. I feel you on the time lapse. My first published novel was also my first completed novel, so there were 4-5 years between writing and editing/publication. Now it'll be four years between publication of book 1 and books 2 and 3. So it's a lot to get back into.


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