Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The P Word

Ah, the P word. I refer, of course, to procrastination, the quintessential writer's habit. Why work on editing one's novel when you can haunt writing websites and do everything to do with your book except writing it. Oh, the glory of it.

You see, if I edit my book, then I'll have to submit it to more agents, which is both an exciting and terrifying thought (since I'm sharing my true feelings on this blog). I have wild dreams of having someone make me an offer of representation, and how utterly thrilling it would be. I simultaneously am sure that I will fail, since so many good writers get rejected by hundreds of agents, year after year. Even good books by good writers.

However, I've procrastinated about as much as I can. I've spent the last ten days completely living in net land, working to get exposure. Now it's time to perform the dreaded task of editing and put myself over the coals again. Because not only am I anxious to move on with Eternal Memory, but I really want to start on the second book in the series. It's been simmering in my head for months now, and it's dying to come out. So, I must say farewell to the P word. Chow!

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