Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Shunning

Hi writer friends! Sorry I haven't posted anything fresh for a few days - I was busy on my major novel facelift and then three days ago our internet went down (again). I am using my work computer at the moment and hopefully the home service will be up again soon.

Since I've been completely obsessed with my edit process, my husband has been getting less attention than usual. We have a joke between ourselves, which some of you may have gathered if you read his comment on my last blog post. When one of us is pretty much ignoring the other to get some sort of project done, we tease each other about being shunned. We'll banter back and forth, like "I'm going out to the living room to shun you now" or "Take your time running errands because you know I'll just shun you if you’re home." Yeah, we're kind of weird.

Anyways, since I know many of you are enthralled in NaNo this month or other writery projects, I began to wonder how other writers handle the balancing act. I am blessed that my husband is supportive and understands my writing and puts up with his regular shunning. Me and hubby usually make up our 'us' time by watching Castle, Desperate Housewives or South Park (no laptops on laps to multi-task whilst watching).

So, pray tell: What do you do to appease the loved ones in your life? How does your spouse/bf/gf/friend(s) handle your writing obsessions? And, does anyone have a spouse/bf/gf that is also a writer?


  1. The hubs just nods and smiles. When I drag out the writing/editing stuffs. Usually I try and only do it when he isn't home (he's so darn cute it's hard to focus when he is home anyway) So while he is at work or I am at work I will do most of my writing stuffs. Hope you get it figured out for yourself!

  2. How wonderful that your husband is so good natured as to put up with your shunning! Really, that's so nice to know he understands and supports your work.

    I'm not married but I only ever date guys that get my commitment to my writing. In return I'm ready to support their endeavours. Can't have it any other way.

    I try to put time aside that I spend with my loved ones where I don't talk about writing at all. It's designated. Usually that's also my de-stress/release from writing too so it's multi-tasking.


    PS: I love South Park too!

  3. My husband is so supportive. He bought me a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate the half way point of NaNo.

  4. My hubby is supportive, thankfully! I do try to write mostly when he's at work, and then at night we settle down with Roswell, Medium, or Burn Notice--OR he putters with something electronic (he's building a robot) and I critique or write some more. I love the mutual "shun" thing you have going on! I think that's where my hub and I are, especially on weekends; we agree to shun each other in the daytime, but come together in the evenings for a movie or 2. It works!

  5. PS! nice to meetcha--I followed your link from Lynda's W.I.P site!

  6. Hello there Alexi. Lovely to meet you. Thanks for following my blog and I'm chuffed to do the same to you.

    I've taken the time to read some of your past entries as well as your current entry. Love that you've made your own award using the Eiffel Tower (did you see I had a Paris blog?) I hope I can be magical enough to receive one of those awards one of these days! I'm working on my own too, an Aussie-type award,no Eiffel Tower, sniff, sniff.

    My husband is supportive but he does get the writer's vacant stare all too often when i'm far more into the story than what's going on around me. We do make time to enjoy each other, going for coffee etc anywhere away from my laptop! It would be angst ridden to have an unsupportive partner because women are so good at the guilt thing!

    Looking forward to sharing with you in the future - now back to NaNo WIP. I'm nearly at 30,000 words, yee haa!! I like a break every so often so I check out blogs..:)

  7. Um, LOVE Castle- that's one of "our" shows too! Hubs and I don't get much time together because he works LONG hours around christmas and doesn't come home till after I'm in bed. So we don't have much problem with "shunning" each other. I do my stuff while he's at work- if for some miracle we're at home together and I'm awake, we spend all our time together. Good luck on your internet- hope it comes back to stay!

  8. My husband is very supportive. My children interrupt ALL the time. My friends try to *get* it... but give me funny looks... :-D

    So... I just write.

  9. Here's to supportive husbands! Mine is wonderful. He won't even talk to me if I'm writing. Sometimes he'll text me from downstairs to see if I want something to eat... and if I do, he'll bring it to me.

    Yeah, I'm spoiled. But he is, too. Because he knows that when I'm working he can watch all the sports he wants. :)

  10. The Shunning. I love it. We shun each other regularly. Sometimes he'll be on his computer and I'll be on mine - right next to each other, btw - and completely shunning each other. We've each learned not to talk to the other while we're working. And my daughter has learned not to talk to me while I'm typing. If I stop, though, I'm fair game. LOL

  11. I think my husband has forgotten what I look like actually...


    Actually, we watch movies! We always try to eat dinner as a family, too. But it's tough when you're writing. I have two kids, my youngest still not in school full time yet, so most of my writing is done in the evenings. Hard not to shun them when you have work to do. But I try to take breaks to do fun things, and sometimes just to sit and chill in front of the TV.

  12. I'm in the midst of hurriedly editing my YA urban fantasy, THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH, since an agent has my first 50 pages. I want the rest to shine like the sun.

    I'm writing at my work computer as well -- on my 15 minute break. No family for me to shun, only friends -- and they accept my madness.

    I wish you success in your publishing dreams, Roland

  13. Its so nice that you have such an understanding husband Alexia, who loves and supports your writing.

    As for me I set aside quality time with all my loved ones wherein I try to switch off from my writing obsession.

    I like the word you and your hubby use, The Shunning. Its kinda cute.


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