Thursday, September 8, 2011

Querying, drafting and linkage, oh my!

I've got sort of a mixed bag for you today, writer friends.

Okay, so that's a mixed margarita glass. But, you get the point :)

First, I thought I'd give everyone a brief update on my writerly pursuits. I've sent out another round of queries for Countless. That brings my query total to 56 I believe. And it pretty much zaps my initial list of agents for my genre. So, I'm going to need to drum up some new ones if nothing pans out. My full manuscript is still with a couple agents that have had it for a while. We'll see what happens...

Also, I've gotten over my little melodrama from a week or so ago, and starting plugging away again at my new book. I'm sitting at around 35,000 words of my 80,000 word goal. So, nearly half there. Yay!

Now for some linkage:

You can view my latest issue of my urban fantasy newsletter here. If you want to see how spiffy it looks sitting in your very own email inbox, click here.

And here are some neat blog posts I came across while trying to catch up on a slew of emails:

A cool article on why people buy things and how that pertains to social media and marketing your book. Good stuff.

The art of Twitter... more good stuff.

And finally, here's an interesting post on the first rewrite. I am a first draft lover, and rewrite despiser, so this was fun to read because it differs from my perspective.

How are your writing projects going? Come across any cool articles lately?


  1. Pah! My writing, like my reading, has slowed to a crawl. There's plenty of ideas floating around in the old noggin, but it's summoning up both the time and effort to put a decent stint in. Congrats on getting to the 35k mark!

  2. Congratulations on getting those queries out and on pushing past the melodrama. Keep up the good words.

    Me? I'm behind on everything. I keep saying I need to light a fire under my buns, but my gumption is fireproof lately. Oh well. Today is sparkly fresh and unblemished by laziness.

  3. Glad that your query process is going strong. If I remember right you write both YA and MG. I came across a blog with a list of agents that represent these genres and are open to submissions. The few agents I have queried I found them in this blog. Check this link out. the blog is called Literary Rambles.

  4. If you've reached the end of agents, start looking at publishers. And I need to come up with a good idea for my next book - soon!

  5. I am typing with crossed fingers, so hoping this will be the time you’re meant to receive a contract for Countless. And congratulations on being almost to the halfway point with your new manuscript.

    These look like great links; I’m hopping over to check them out right now.

  6. I've got my fingers crossed for you and your queries! And congrats on your word count--that's awesome! Sounds like you're doing well!

  7. Congrats on your queries and your writing goal. That's awesome. Keep it up. =D

  8. Cool pic! and keep your chin up. It only takes ONE agent to love it. :) If you finish running thru your list, you may want to take a look at your query and make sure it's representing your story and sounding intriguing enough...altho if you got a full request or 2, maybe it's fine!

  9. Ooh.. good luck with querying! I'm currently in the rewriting stages... well.. nearing the end (hopefully :) ).


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