Monday, October 22, 2012

A Moody and Introspective Post About the Future

Moody and introspective? I must be a writer or something...

I'm in kind of a funky place with my writing. Simultaneously, I feel like I have a lot going on, and nothing going on. I was a finalist in GUTGAA, I've submitted Martinis with the Devil to Harper Collins' unagented contest, and I may or may not also be a finalist in another anonymous writing contest at the moment. I'm almost done writing a fantastic middle grade book that is incredibly unique and luscious and beautiful and fun. I alternate between feeling stuck in a rut and being on the perfect path. Not sure if it's because I turned 30 a couple months ago, or just that my overachiever self is feeling a lion's roar of impatience, but I just want something to happen! Now, please!

After writing throughout my teens, I took about eight years off for, you know, LIFE and stuff. In 2009 I wiggled back into the waters of my lifelong passion for writing, and in 2010 I dove down deep and have been immersed ever since. I know I'll be writing my whole life, and that my stories are my humble offering to the world. I know that I have three great stories under my belt that will someday be published. I also know that it's super hard to get an agent, and that getting my work turned down doesn't mean it's not good or marketable, but that the business is incredibly subjective and hard to break into.

So now I am obsessively editing my latest book, the unique, luscious, beautiful, fun one. I will be querying it by the end of the year. And if I get yet another round of rejections, I think it's time I explore getting my foot in the door another way. I absolutely will be published by one of the Big 6 one day. It's my ultimate goal. But I'm fine with taking some intermediate steps to get there. I think I'd look at small and medium presses first, and also trying to get some short stories published in anthologies or reputable sci-fi/fantasy lit magazines. Something to give me credentials and get me on the way to connecting with my readers, sharing my stories.

Anyways, that's where I'm at right now. Feeling the waves of change and transformation pulling at my toes, calling me into new waters. Where will they lead me? Not sure. But something is going to happen.

What about you?


  1. Nothing wrong with starting with a small press. I did.
    Just keep believing, Alexia!

  2. I agree with Alex. There is nothing wrong with starting with a small press. Get the book out in the market, let the sales perk up, by then you will have got more experience writing wise and also reader feedback.

    Here is to both of us getting an agent some day and being published by the Big 6.

  3. Do it in whatever way makes you happy.

    Good luck.

  4. I've got everything crossed for you on the H/V submission and the others, too. You can do it!

    Yeah, an agent and a Big 6 contract is the optimal for me, too, but these days there are so many options worth exploring. We'll get there. Good luck to us both. :hugs:

  5. I'm sort in that place, too, feeling that I'd like to explore new territory. But, I've got to finish what I'm working on now before doing that.

    I guess getting an agent and published by one of the big 6 is a worthy goal. After all, it used to be the only way. Good luck on that one. It'll happen eventually.

  6. The limbo feeling is totally normal, hon. Frustration and impatience is also normal. What's important is to keep writing through it and you are so I know you'll be fine. Good luck with the editing.


  7. I did about the same thing as you--took my twenties off, then came back to writing with a vengeance. And when I did, it felt SO RIGHT that I was constantly kicking myself for taking such a long break from it. The ups and downs seem to be a mandatory part of the journey, but I think you're a good writer and as long as you keep trying and keep learning, you'll make it. I was getting so many rejections when I was querying, I thought I was nuts for loving my story, but all it takes is that one yes. It really is just about sticking it out and being persistent. *hugs*

  8. I think I'm in a similar boat right now, at the point where, when all the rejections come in, I'm going to try breaking in a different way, probably through small presses. Lots of research to be done figuring out who to send to for those. Maybe we should collaborate. ;)

  9. You've made great progress... being a finalist is awesome, and I can't wait to hear more about your new MG book. Sometimes reaching our dreams takes a bit longer, but it's always achievable...that's what I believe.

  10. Even though it might not seem like it, you are making progress.

    I understand about the impatience, though. Everything seems to take forever. Just have faith it WILL happen and keep doing the most important thing - writing!

  11. It's definitely okay to take intermediate steps in the process to your goal. And congrats on being a finalist!

  12. Wonderful post! I can totally feel your "age 30" impatience, as I had that exact same milestone this year. I also dove back into writing in 2009 after many years off... We sound like soul sisters!


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