Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gratitude and Other Random Introspection As the Year Draws to a Close

I've just finished probably my fifth plate over the last two days of Thanksgiving food. I LOVE TG food, especially my dear Tofurkey. It makes this vegetarian a happy girl :) Anyways, I've been remiss in blogging lately so I thought I would post some random notes/thoughts on what I've been up to and what I'm planning as the year winds down.

  • The first being, how IS the year already almost over? How did it happen? Last night I saw the first Christmas lights and it was shocking, even though I know it's almost December. Time is flying.
  • I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. While I'm going through a big transition in my personal life right now, there are so many things I'm grateful for. I won't bore you with them, except for one: I love my writer friends SO much. Fellow bloggers and Twitter friends, I am always astounded at your awesomeness and I've known some of you for years now, and it makes me happy.
  • Speaking of bloggers, I rarely blog anymore, but am on Twitter almost daily. So, if you're one of my blog peeps that I am not following on Twitter, please send me a message and I'll add you to my daily list. My handle is @aachamberlynn (or just click to find me!).
  • I am currently editing the book I got sudden and crazy inspiration for and wrote in 6 weeks. It's pretty rough. I've got a big edit to-do list. But I've been working hard and I'm hoping to have it query ready by January.
  • I'm also going to submit a short story I wrote earlier in the year to some lit magazines and hope I can find a home for that. I might do that this weekend.
  • I have a busy schedule of fun concerts, art shows and parties to attend in December, which is unusual for me, so I'm excited to branch out and be a butterfly for the month!
So, as the year wraps up, what are you aiming to finish up? What makes you happy and grateful? Do you find yourself gravitating more to Twitter than the blogosphere? Whatever you're up to, I hope it's awesome and makes you sparkle inside and out. TTFN, writer friends!


  1. Tofurky! Interesting. We had prime rib. :) Good luck fixin' the crazy-inspired 6-week book! and on the querying too. Enjoy your fun December! I'm going to an SCBWI writer's dessert potluck in the Sacramento, CA, area this next week. Yeah, I think a lot of people are waning on the blogging--I'm finding myself connecting more on Facebook than Twitter, but I do like Twitter.

  2. I'll have to look for you more often on Twitter.
    Hope the changes are good, Alexia.
    And I hope your tofurkey wasn't dry. (Yes, I've had it before and it was dry.)

  3. With just the two of us and a 13 lb bird, we're eating lots of leftovers. I made pizza last night just to give us a break. LOL

    I'm not ready for the year to wrap up yet. I think 2013 needs a couple more months jammed in between now and 12/31. Maybe that's because I said I'd finish the first draft of this book by year end. Life makes me happy and grateful. I don't do Twitter nearly as much as I should. It's all too short and fast for me. Give me blogs and Facebook.

    Have an awesome month, Alexia! I'm rooting for you to reach your goals! =o)

  4. I'm not planning on venturing into twitterland any time soon.

  5. I blog more than I tweet, on a relative scale (that is to say, more tweets than posts, but posts are far longer.) I hope to write six 100-word stories in the next week or so and a few slightly longer pieces for submission before the new year comes in.

  6. I'm still not that into Twitter. Maybe when I have more time. Hahahaha, oh that was funny. Time? What's that?! Anyway, I'm hoping to finish up the last book in my trilogy by the end of the year, EEP! Thanks for your update :-)


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