Saturday, May 30, 2015

Favorite Summer Vacation Spot!

Hi, writer friends! Today I'm jumping in on the Favorite Summer Vacation Spot Blog Hop. I haven't done a blog hop in probably three years or so, but some of my fave bloggers are hosting it, and I love vacays, so there you are :) See host blogs below for the linky list if you want to visit more and get some wander lust going!

So, disclaimer: I can never choose just ONE of anything. Therefore, I'm gonna cheat and do a past, present, future version. All pics below were taken by me.

Past: Tuscany

It's a really tough decision, and a big toss-up between a Denver trip with my BFF, and Paris, but I'm going with Tuscany on this one. I stayed in Florence, and took a day trip to a winery up in the gorgeous hills outside the city. I'm really big into wine and food, so that's probably why this one wins. I hiked around the quaint country roads around the winery with a delightful guide who picked fresh herbs for us, and later had an amazing four course meal with about a dozen people in the home of a local woman. A sun-soaked, glorious day.

Present(ish): Seattle

In July my son and I are going to Seattle for a week! It has been at the top of my domestic travel list for a very long time, so I am totally stoked to finally be going. Not only does it seem a beautiful, hip city, but it's the setting of my debut novel, Martinis with the Devil, that's coming out this year! It's going to be an epic trip. Photos to come!

Future: Ireland

Ireland has been near the top of my international trip list for a long time. I have Irish heritage, and just really connect with Irish music, and castles, and gorgeous green hills and ocean. I'm hoping to go next year. Fingers crossed!

I truly love to travel, and won't be satisfied until most of the world has passed beneath my feet. Check out my Pinterest board for more of the places I want to go.

To see more vacation blog posts, hop over to any of the host sites below. Try not to get too carried away with wanderlust! TTFN!

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  1. Paris and Tuscany both appeal to me. I'm with you about travel. Just can't stop.

  2. I'm with you on Ireland, Alexia. That tops our wishful vacation list. And I'm not gonna be satisfied until I bring back a leprechaun.

  3. I'd love to visit a winery - anywhere. Beautiful pictures. I lived in Tacoma for about a year. It is lovely in Washington. Someday I also hope to visit Ireland, when I win the lotto.

  4. You know, I've been to almost every state but Washington, and Seattle is on my list too.

  5. The sign posts on the tree in Tuscany cracked me up! It looks lovely in Italy. I hope you have a fabulous trip to Seattle with your son. And if you write a sequel to Martinis with the Devil, you'll have lots of first hand info about the setting! Ireland would be awesome - who can say no to castles??!!

  6. All sound like great trips. Enjoy Seattle! Denver would have been good to talk about too (coming from a Colorado native). ;)

  7. Ireland is the top of my teen's bucket list even though she has already been once. All of your adventures sound like great spots.

  8. Gorgeous pics! I got the travel bug out of my system (not that I really ever had a big one). Now I'm content to stay close to home. But seeing the pics you took is a nice way to visit Tuscany without actually going. Thanks! =o)

  9. Oh I would love to visit Tuscany one day... just beautiful:)

  10. If there's wine involved, I'm in :-)


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