Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Zyan Star Book News!

At long last, Martinis with the Devil, the first book in my Zyan Star urban fantasy series, is coming out on April 11th!

As some of you may know, I was all ready to release it last fall. Then, I signed with my agent, and we decided to wait to release it while shopping for publishers for my other fantasy series. Well, we're still on sub, and have a third of the publishers yet to respond, but Sandy gave me the go ahead to move ahead with the Zyan series! What I'm going to do is release each book in halves, part one and two, so that they're published as novellas and my debut novel status is preserved for my other series. I'm so excited!

What's exciting for my readers is that Martinis with the Devil part one and two will be FREE for at least the first two weeks. I want to really come out of the gates strong, and that's where I need your help! I am using Thunderclap for spreading the word via Twitter, FB and Tumblr. It's a crowdspeaking platform that has supporters sign up ahead of time, and then it blasts out all the messages at once on my launch day. It's really cool, but I have to get 100 supporters or it won't blast out, kind of like crowdfundraising (Kickstarter and whatnot). So, most of my focus is going there, please sign up for a tweet, FB or Tumblr post!! I will love you forever :) Here's the link.

If you'd also like a free ARC, and/or want to help me spread the word via a blog tour, etc., please click here and fill out a super quick Google form so I can keep track. You can also fill this out if you are doing the Thunderclap I mentioned above, just so I know who's signed up.

If you want to read more about Martinis, click the My Books link on my blog menu. I'm so stoked to finally be sharing it with the world! The fun will keep coming too, because I also plan to release book two, Whiskey and Angelfire, and book three, Vengeance and Vermouth, over the next few months.

You guys rock, and as always, thanks for sharing this journey with me!


  1. Congratulations! Will mention it next month. Hope you get some good news soon regarding your other series.

  2. Wow! Exciting. Love the theme of your series, very catchy and clever. I signed up for Thunderclap. I'll do what I an to help. Wishing you a gazillion sales!

  3. Go you! Not sure about Thunderclap, but I will tweet and post, etc. on your release day for you! And you're always welcome to guest on my blog whenever you're inclined. I'm so happy for you! (And happy that I'll finally get to buy a copy of Martinis with the Devil!)

  4. Huge congrats on the release... so excited. I'm signed up for thunderclap and to be in your blog tour:) Yay. So love your covers.

  5. Congrats! I'll take the ARC, just let me know what form it'll be in. Please feel free to guest blog, and let me know of anything else I can do on my blog or otherwise to help you out.


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