Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Zyan Star Series, Character Profile: Quinn

Hi, friends! Since yesterday I released Martinis with the Devil, book one in my Zyan Star urban fantasy series (woot!), I am kicking off a series of character profile posts. I love these guys, and I hope you do, too! Today I am featuring...

Name: Quinn
Supernatural powers: Witch
Appearance: Long blonde hair, golden eyes (a characteristic of witches in this series), pale skin
Favorite drink: Pixie Dust Martini
Weapon of choice: Magic

Quinn is one of Zyan's best friends, as well as her roommate and fellow bartender and supernatural bounty hunter. She's a boy chaser, vegetarian, and usually a peacekeeper but can hold her own in a fight. Don't let her innocent appearance fool you. A powerful witch, she coaches Zy on controlling her untamed magical powers.

Here's one of my favorite Quinn excerpts from Martinis with the Devil. Zy has just told Quinn that she's going after her ex, Alexander, who is trying to assassinate the Holy Representative of Northwest America. FYI, if foul language seriously offends you, I wouldn't read on (or for that matter, read the book - there's a lot of it!).

“So, what are you going to do?” Quinn's golden witch eyes looked like glowing suns in the darkness.

“I’m going to find him. And I’m going to kill him.” I cast one last look out over Puget Sound, then headed for the parking lot.

“You don’t mean tonight, do you?” Quinn chased after me.

“It’s not even midnight. I’ve got the whole night. When’s a better time?”

She was quiet for a moment. “I’ve never felt a vamp as powerful as him. How old is he, Zy?”

“Let’s just say he may have known Jesus Christ.” I had reached the pavement and pulled out the keys to the Porsche. I pressed the unlock button and the car blinked to life.

“Holy shit! Don’t you think we need to think about this?  Come up with a plan to kill a vamp that’s almost two millennia your senior?” She stepped in front of me, blocking the door. Her black dress blended into the glossy paint like the car was absorbing her.

“I have a plan. Find that bastard, and kill his sorry ass. It has a beautiful simplicity, don’t you think?” I smiled a smile I knew was not pretty at all.

“No, I don’t think. Riley!”

Damn her. She knew he’d hear with his freaking super-wolf ears. “Listen, I’m not asking you to come with me. I know this isn’t your vendetta.” I caught her eyes with mine.

Riley pushed the door of the bar open and started towards us, Dan and a couple others on his tail. “What’s going on?”

“Tell him,” Quinn said, a stubborn set to her jaw.

I sighed. “Sweet Quinn is upset because I’m going to kill Alexander. Okay? Sharing time’s over now, let me get in my car.”

“He’s two thousand years old,” Quinn snapped. “She left that little detail out.”

Dan let out a low whistle and Riley’s face got stormy. “So basically, you’re just going to end your existence in a blaze of glory, going up against someone like that alone? That’s just dumb.”

“Alright, I’ve had enough of this.” I picked Quinn up, moved her, and slid in behind the wheel. And proceeded to become frozen in place. Except for my mouth. “God damn it, Quinn.”

“I’ll release my spell if you stop and listen like a rational person,” she said. Power rolled off her like a lightning storm.

“I don’t suppose you can be persuaded to give up your suicide mission?” Riley asked, his eyes hard.

I shook my head. “Fuck no.”

“Well, then let’s come up with some sort of compromise. Like, a little extra backup.”

“From who?”

“Well, I know a certain shapeshifter who’d be happy to help you out.” Riley’s expression was innocent.

“Are you joking? Sure, let’s just bring together all the ex-boyfriends I hate for one big night of fun.” I pushed hard against Quinn’s bonds with my own burst of power, but she had me locked down good.

Riley smirked. “I’m just talking about two of them, not a thousand.”

“Cock,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

“So, that’s a yes then?” he responded with a knowing smile.

I knew they were right. I could see the only thing I’d gain tonight was my own death. Which wouldn’t be so bad, other than hanging out in that hot-as-hell shithole smelling brimstone for the rest of eternity. But, then Alexander would just kill the HR, and keep taking advantage of other innocent girls. And nothing would come of my noble sacrifice. I sighed again. “Fine. But only so you guys will shut the hell up.”

Quinn smiled and released me. I started the car with my power and floored it in reverse. Ah, the looks on their faces. I smiled, then slammed on the brakes. “Just joking. Get the hell in.”

Hope you enjoyed that little nibble! I'll be posting Riley, Donovan, Pan, Eli and Zyan over the next couple weeks, so stop on by. TTFN!


  1. Thanks Alexia, for the little nibble. Sounds like a feast! And I'm delighted to see that lots of people aren't participating in the A-Z!! I thought everyone but me was! Now I see it might be okay to actually post in April after all! (Thanks for visiting my IWSG post on China!) I'm home and sick with a China bug! :-(

    1. Thanks! Yeah, not enough time for A to Z. Hope your trip was good and you feel better soon!

  2. I enjoy character profiles on writer's blogs. They make me look forward to reading the books.

  3. Fun! Character profiles are a great way to get to know your character. Even if you don't use all their info, it's good to have it!

    1. Yes, I have much more extensive profiles for each of them, but these were just fun nibbles for you all :)

  4. Fun! Character profiles are a great way to get to know your character. Even if you don't use all their info, it's good to have it!

  5. Great excerpt! I love your dialog, and I'm looking forward to reading the book even more now! :)


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