Friday, February 25, 2011

50 Years

Today I am writing about 50 for Anstice Potts' Nifty Fifty Blogfest. It's not too late to join, so pop on over to her blog!

It's my son's birthday so I took the day off work. I had his cousin spend last night, so they are skipping school, building Lego sets and having a fun time while I sneak on here real quick. Earlier I was looking for an old email, and while searching through my email folders, I found one titled 'Novel'. I've been writing since I was 5 or so, and wrote a ton of stuff through my teens, before taking a few years off writing when my son was young. So, as I clicked on the folder I was curious as to what story of mine was hidden away from years past.

When I opened it up, I saw that the emails were from 2001. A whole decade ago! Crazy. Anyways, I had been working on a novel I'd titled Blood Moon, which involved a race of people that descended from vampires and had other cool magical abilities (I will point out that this was way before the trend). It was saved in my email because I'd been getting a friend to do some editing. I started reading it, and it was good! And horrible. Intermittently. I'd written it a few months after I'd lost *ahem* something, so it's pretty juicy. I made my ten-year-older and much more settled down self blush a little.

So what does any of this have to do with 50? Well, in one of my emails to this crit partner, I mention that no matter what, I will be published one day, even if it takes me until I'm 50. And here I am, writing again after years away from my stories. While I was reading, I realized that this is me. I've always been creating stories, and characters and magic. And I always will. It's who I was when I was 5, 18, 28. Who I will be when I'm 50. Who I will be when I'm twice that. So, even if it does take me until I'm 50 to get published, I'm never giving up. Hey, Harlequin might be pretty interested in Blood Moon, so if this urban fantasy thing doesn't work out I can write romance :~)

What about you, writer friends? Any nostalgic writing tales to share?

P.S. Later tonight at my son's party I'm going to kick everyone's ass at laser tag. Those kids better watch out!


  1. Happy Birthday to your son! And of course you will be published. I believe if you keep writing, keep believing and persisting, it will happen for those who want it enough!

  2. Those moments when reading through old forgotten writing, where we surprise ourselves in how good it is or how bad - I love that. I've got folders and folders of pieces like that.


  3. Happy birthday to your son! Never give up! That's the best motto ever!

  4. Good and horrible--sounds about right! That's how I feel reading most of my old stuff. :)

  5. I think coming across old stuff is always the best. I know what you mean about earlier work being both good and bad. I cringe when I read my old stuff, but every so often, there's a phrase that's just so right, and so full of promise...

    It's clear you've always been a writer. :) Not that you needed the reminder, but sometimes I think it is nice to be reminded.

    Happy birthday to your son!

  6. It can be fun reading old stuff to see how much you have improved over the years.

  7. It makes me wonder if I have the writing bug or not. I wrote some good stories in grade school, jr. high and high school and then I just stopped. I remember enjoying it and creating and then I just stopped. I wondered why I just stopped.

  8. Great post Alexia, thanks so much for taking part! I love finding old things I've written. It can be a bit cringeworthy but it also boosts you up to see a) you weren't that bad despite you're lack of age and experience and b) you've come such a long way since then. I think you're right- it's never too late to give up on your dreams so it's important to keep trying untill you're fifty and then beyond!

  9. I've been writing ever since I was a little girl. Years after being in Elementary school, I ran into an my old sixth grade teacher. I asked him if he remembered me and he said, "Of course. You used to write the longest short stories of any kid I ever taught." The sad thing, I don't think I saved anything I wrote. I chucked everything (as a kid you just don't think anything of it). I do have some novels from when I was in my 20's and to read through them is interesting. I've come a long way.

    I will be a published author someday--maybe when I'm fifty (but hopefully sooner). But regardless, I will always be a writer :)

    Good 50 post. Newest follower here and really glad to meet ya.

  10. Never too old to get published, but it would be a long wait til 50 if you've gotten that much done already. It's kind of cool to look back on old writings to see where we were at a past age.

    Nice reminiscing, Alexia.

    Tossing It Out

  11. Sometimes I wish I could go back and read my old stuff just to remind myself that yes! I've gotten better. Alas, I did my best to destroy it all out of shame long ago.

  12. Happy Birthday to your son! Hope all had fun playing laser tag!

    Hey, if that old stuff hit you as really good in some parts, IT IS! Yay!

  13. A belated happy birthday to your son!
    I loved your Nifty 50 entry and apologies for not reading it until today. I don't have any nostalgic stories but my advice would be never give up and never put off what you can do today!

    Ellie Garratt

  14. I hope your son had a wonderful birthday! :)

    YES.. I recently came across a journal which I had started to write a story in, but only wrote about 10 pages. I couldn't even remember writing it, but it must have been during high school at some point.

    And it was crazy because back then I just wrote to write, I never really thought about becoming published... but it's the SAME story I'm telling now. There's obviously changes of course, but same male MC name, theme, etc... it's the one I always tried to tell, but never finished... until now :)

  15. Happy Birthday to your son, and as to getting published, I'll refer to an oft quoted saying:
    "Never give up! Never surrender!"

  16. Ah, hope you have a great time with your son tonight! Happy Bday to him ~ :)

    You know, I feel the same way. I've got a whole folder of old stories and poems I wrote when I was a teen and I've been meaning to crack it open. I'll be a writer till the day I die, I know it!

  17. Ok, "Doh!" Not paying attention to dates... hope you and your son HAD a great time on Friday! :)

  18. I agree with Arlee Bird. It is never too late to get published!
    When I turned 50, my daughter Erin threw me a medieval banquet, complete with costumes she had made (she is amazing!), and a fingers only banquet. We played a mystery game about murder in those crazy Elizabethan times.
    Being 50 is actually freeing in ways. You have excuses for a saggy butt. You can check out all the cute young men, and no one thinks badly of you. You'll be okay. Susan

  19. I'm with you on not giving up.


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