Saturday, February 19, 2011

Would I Make A Good Movie Director?

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So, a few weeks ago I was on Talli's blog and she was talking about her friend Gemma Burgess, who had made a cool book trailer. Now, I'd seen a couple book trailers before and thought they ranged from super lame to mediocre. But the one for Gemma Burgess' book The Dating Detox is amazing! I can easily see why it's garnered over 25,000 views (you should check it out).

I showed my husband and we began a several day obsession, planning out the trailer for my novel, Countless. Whereas Gemma's was a humorous scene from her book acted out by professionals, mine would be pretty dramatic, and thus easy to venture into cheesiness. We have a film school at the local university to which I have some connections through work and friends, so it's possible I could get some students to help. Hubs was very sweet and googled royalty-free stock video websites which have different cool stuff like time elapse videos of different city skylines. Anyways, we had fun geeking out and planning different scenes for our "movie", even though this isn't something I'd consider doing until I'd found an agent or publisher and had their blessing.

If done right, a book trailer can be a super marketing tool. Have you guys seen any good book trailers? What are your thoughts on the subject? Would you make one for your book?

Have a good rest of the weekend!


  1. The book trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer is well-done, and hilarious! And in fact, book trailers are something me and my Writer's Night gals have been talking about for ages. Since we all met through theater, it seemed an appropriate outlet for our latent-performer traits.

    I would love to make a trailer for mine, but since it's a fantasy novel it could easily pass into the realm of Cheese. I'm very positive on book trailers if they're done well.

  2. Haven't seen any book trailers but I'm not a fan of them. I want the writer to show me the characters and then see them in my head. Not see them in a trailer.

    Have a great weekend, to you as well. Hope you get to eat something yummy and read something fun.

  3. I'm very positive on the ideas for book trailers, but I have yet to see any really good ones. I think it's good to be able to get your ideas out to a more visual based audience, and more exposure is never a bad thing for a new author. but most of the ones I have seen are really cheesy or bad, though I saw one for the new James Patterson Maximum Ride book on TV that was pretty damn good, but other then that I'm not impressed.

  4. I agree that book trailers are quite often very hit and miss; though I agree that Burgess' trailer is very well made (if a little long). I'd definitely love to do a book trailer for anything I'd write, though a fantasy book trailer on a low budget wouldn't look all too good, hehe.

    Be sure to show us what you come up with, though :)

  5. Yay! Thanks! =o)

    I don't really think much about book trailers. The ones I see are usually for books I already intent to buy or ones I know I won't buy. Gemma's is awesome though. Now I want that book.

  6. I was thrilled with the trailer my publisher created for CassaStar. It's computer animated and unlike any other trailer I've seen. Don't think I've more than 1000 views on YouTube, although it's won two small book trailer contests.

  7. I haven't seen many actually, but I'm keen on your creative work for your book. I think these trailers could be a great marketing tool for e books especially.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  8. I love trailers with actors! They can definitely be cheesy sometimes, but so entertaining!

  9. Hi Alexia. Sorry I missed your celebrations. Congrats on 100 followers! Great stuff! Congrats to the winner of the giveaway!

    Book trailers are just about a necessity aren't they? What a great marketing tool. Trailers are often the best part of a movie, lol. I'll go and check out the one you recommend. Good luck to you and your husband having a go!


  10. First of all, congrats to the giveaway winners!

    Second, yes, book trailers are a great marketing tool! I made one for my first novel 'Follow the Cowherd Boy'. This is the link:


  11. Congrats to the winners. I have seen few book trailers and liked few. It seems like a good idea.

  12. I think it's important to see your book already published, so putting time into thinking about trailers is an excellent idea.
    I've never seen a book trailer so I'm going to check out the one you link to above.
    Good post.

  13. Oh, love book trailers and yes, most definitely I would make one. I think that would be fun to do really.

    Have a lovely writerly week! ;-)

  14. Book trailers are a neat idea and a great way to publicize your book via your blog. I've seen a couple this year, and they've been well-done. I'm toying with the idea of making one for a short story coming out next month, so that royalty-free video site might be worth checking out.

  15. I have seen book trailers. Some are better than others but its rare that a book trailer will inspire me to check out the book. I rely moreseo on blogging reviews.

  16. I just stopped by - and I'm so excited! Thanks, Alexia! I'm sending you that email right now!

    I kind of loved the one for Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters even though it didn't follow the plot of the book at all (we only wish Mr. Willoughby would get eaten by a giant squid after the way he toys with Marianne’s heart):

  17. You know, I need to check some out. Hey - if it can work for movies, why not books?!? But, I think it would be fun! I hope you have a blast making yours ~ :)


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