Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Urban Fantasy Newsletter! And Free Stuff to Bribe You!

With July nearly upon us, and my very first issue of Raven Moon Urban Fantasy Newsletter coming out, I thought I would have a Huzzah Newsletter!/July makes me happy cuz it's my birthday month/200 followers giveaway! Well, I'm sitting at 199 followers at the moment, so hopefully someone will tip me over the scale :)

I've been hard at work planning my newsletter, and having a blast doing it. Why Raven Moon? Well, one of my cats was named Raven Moon (he was black and white), and while staring at the pic of the three ravens in my newsletter header, the obvious hit me. Plus, ravens and moons are classic Urban Fantasy, right?

So, here's a teaser of the kind of stuff that will be in each monthly issue of Raven Moon Urban Fantasy Newsletter:

•Agent, author and publisher profiles
•New releases for the month
•Giveaways and contests
•Cool book trailers
•Must-visit websites and blogs
•Industry news
•Notice of upcoming conferences
•Book reviews
Okay, so here are the prizes. Updated! Two winners will get these two new releases OR a $15.00 Amazon gift card.
Grave Dance and Viper Moon - New Releases 7/5/11 

*I updated the prizes to offer flexibility for my writer friends who do not want the above books. 'Cause I love you guys :)
- The contest starts today and ends on July 10th.
- You must be a follower and sign up for the newsletter to win.
- The two winners will be selected by random draw. You can increase your chance of winning by helping me spread the word (pretty please!). Points (number of times your name is added to the pot) are as follows:
-1 point for being a new follower
-2 points for being an old follower
-2 points for signing up for the newsletter ** so basically you get either 3 or 4 points automatically
-3 points for tweeting
-4 points for mentioning it on your blog
-5 points for putting one of my buttons (see below!) on your sidebar
Click here to go to my newsletter page, to signup (using the email submission form) and/or grab a button! Comment on this post with your point total and your email address! Contest winners will be announced July 13th.

Thank you guys for helping me embark on this exciting new adventure! I would love to have guest contributors for future issues of the newsletter, so if you have something you'd like to share, please let me know.
Oh, and here are my pretty buttons (html grab code located on newsletter page or you can grab them the old fashioned way):


  1. i applaud you for writing, blogging, AND taking on a newsletter. go, go, go!

  2. Oooh, I love this idea. Normally I don't randomly sign up for things like newsletters, but this one sounds like a good deal (without the giveaways even).

    So, let me count my total.

    + 2 -- retro follower (I refuse to use the term "old" in anything I do)

    + 2 -- signed up for newsletter

    + 3 -- tweeted

    + 5 -- button on sidebar

    I am rocking and rolling! tracybuscemi*at*gmail.com (<-- trying to keep the google bots at bay)

  3. Happy almost birthday, Alexia, and congratulations on reaching 200 followers! It might be your birthday, but we're the ones receiving a gift with your newsletter. I've been excited about signing up for it since I first learned about it, so count me in!

    I'm an old follower who has definitely signed up for Raven Moon. I've retweeted your tweet, and as soon as I send this comment, I'll finish my blog post and grab the button for a total of 16 points. Please know it's not about winning the books; it's all about getting the word out for what I know will be an excellent resource for writers.

    My e-mail address is mefayard(at)yahoo(dot)com. Again, thank you VERY much for taking time to put together what looks as if will be a highly information and beautifully designed newsletter.


  4. Hi, Alexia!

    Came over to check out your site after I saw you comment on Alex's site. (Any relation? ha)

    Glad I did! You have a great blog here. Always nice to follow another writer's journey to publication. The newsletter looks like a GREAT thing!
    Consider me a new follower.

  5. Cool! You've made 200 now! I love how your Raven Moon buttons have been designed--very nice! And a happy birthday to you in July, whenever it is. :)

  6. Guess what - 200 now!! Very cool. I'm not entering to win (not my style of read) but I will sign up for your newsletter.

  7. Happy birthday! Looks like you hit your 200, too! Congratulations!

  8. Go, Alexia! I just signed up for your newsletter and can't wait!

    And congrats on 200 followers too. WOO HOO!

  9. Signed up and old follower :)
    Good luck on this great venture.

  10. Wow, all sounds fantastic! I'm off to sign up now!

  11. Congrats..you have 200 followers now.

    Signed up for the newsletter and am an old follower.

  12. Yay it's here! And you made 200:)

    Okay, here are my numbers:

    old follower +2
    newsletter +2
    tweeted +3
    button +5
    total= 12

  13. Sounds pretty cool! Congrats on reaching 200. :D

  14. The artwork on the covers--wow! Great preview for what is inside!

  15. You reached 200! Congratulations! I will give the newsletter a shout-out on my Tuesday post.

    Ellie Garratt

  16. I am indeed an old follower, and I wish you well on this latest endeavor!

  17. Very exciting, two books the same month. Are you self publishing as an e-author or do you have a publisher? I keep a page dedicated to promoting your book with the trails and errors and success post that I update as needed.

    Anyway, I'll advertise for you sweetie.

  18. Hey, I'm a new follower, signed up for newsletter and tweeted!


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