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IWSG and Zyan Star Series, Character Profile: Donovan

Hi, friends! Today my Zyan Star character profile series continues with Donovan! If you missed the previous three, you can see them here: Quinn, Riley and Pan.

But it's also IWSG day, our monthly blog hop of insecure writers led by Alex Cavanaugh. The last month for me was an intense one, because I released Martinis with the Devil, the first book in my Zyan Star urban fantasy series. It came out in two parts, part one on the 11th and part two on the 25th. With book releases comes a lot of checking of your sales numbers and rankings, and wondering if you're doing well or not. Well, compared to well established authors my numbers aren't anything special, but that's the key to happiness - don't compare yourself to others! I'm pretty happy with my humble numbers as a newbie author. And the adventure just keeps on, with the second book in the series coming out next month (exact date TBD)! Click here to see the other lovely IWSG posts.

And now back to the sexy Irishman Donovan!

Name: Donovan
Supernatural powers: Shapeshifting Panther
Appearance (when not a steel gray panther): Tan skin, short medium brown hair, jade green eyes
Favorite drink: Whiskey
Weapon of choice: Claw and teeth

Donovan is Zy's ex-boyfriend. They first meet in Black Magic & Mojitos, the prequel to Martinis with the Devil. They're both from Ireland, and both bounty hunters, so the sparks fly instantly. In Martinis, it's about five years later and they've broken up. Donovan wants to get back together, but he's got some competition this time around: Eli, the hot angelic warrior. Zy doesn't really want to work with him, but she needs some help, and Donovan's the best in the business (other than her).

Here's one of my favorite Donovan excerpts from Martinis with the Devil: 

Donovan took us into a large room that looked like a library. “Have a seat.” He gestured towards the empty chairs across from his seat at a large mahogany desk.

“You’ve gotten all high-brow, huh?” I asked, folding into one of the chairs and kicking my feet up on the desk. Good thing I’d had some extra boots in the Porsche since I tossed my heels into the ocean. And was tracking down my archenemy tonight.

Donovan shrugged, leaning back in his chair. He was playing it cool, too. “What can I help you with?”

“I want to kill my ex,” I said casually. When he tensed, I clarified. “My first ex. He’s almost two thousand years old. Riley thought I might need some help.”

“Forced your hand, did he?” Donovan said with a smirk. “I didn’t think that was possible.”

“Well, Riley and Quinn can be quite persuasive.”

Donovan shot them both a grin. “I know they can.” He sighed, fingers laced behind his head as he contemplated the ceiling. “It’s like old times, all of us in the same room, planning some crazy suicide mission.” A chuckle escaped his lips as he looked at me. “Remember when we were trying to bring in that rogue harpie, and she spewed green goo all over your face?”

“I think the Nightmares were my favorite,” Riley said, sharing a conspiratorial smile with Donovan. “The first mission we worked with you. Though Rio de Janeiro was hot as Hell itself.”

I shot Riley a look and he wiped his smile.

Donovan smiled even bigger, his eyes lingering on mine. “Yes, back when we first met. But that was a long time ago. Why would I risk my ass to help you now?”

“Why, money of course,” I answered without hesitation. “Alexander, the delight that he is, has been trying to assassinate the HR. They contacted me to protect him. I’m just trying to get some good mercs.”

Donovan smiled. “Okay. Fifty percent of your take.”

“Please,” I scoffed. “Try thirty.”

“Forty-five.” His lips turned up even more. He was enjoying this.

I rolled my eyes. “Forty.”

“Forty and a favor.” His eyes had a gleam in them I didn’t care for at all.

Mine narrowed. “What kind of favor?”    

He leaned back even further in his chair. “I’ve missed the taste of those lips something awful.”

Riley busted out laughing and even Quinn’s lips twitched upwards. “Excuse us a minute?” I said to them without turning my eyes from Donovan’s wolfish grin. They got up and walked for the door. Riley cast one last look over his shoulder.

I looked up at Donovan. God, but Irish boys could be such trouble…

“Zyan, what happened to us?” Donovan’s green eyes burned into mine.

Okay, so apparently he wasn’t playing it cool. I smiled sweetly. “You cheated on me, remember?”

“I can’t imagine now why I ever would have done such a foolish thing,” he said, his voice low. I had long ago lost my Irish lilt, but he’d kept his and it was sexy as hell. Damn him.

“Well, you did. So the way I figure it, you owe me a favor, not the other way around.” I stood up and placed my palms on his desk.

“I never said you owed me a favor,” he said, his grin returning. “I just asked for one.”

I walked slowly around the edge of his desk, the heels of my boots sinking down into the carpet. Stopping before him, I rested my hands on his arms and leaned forward until my lips hovered right over his. His breath washed warm over my skin, and with it the scent of aftershave and a tang of whiskey. I heard his heartbeat quicken. “You should have thought of how much you’d miss me before you cheated,” I murmured.

“I’ll remember that next time,” he said, his lips brushing into mine as he spoke. One hand reached up to cup my cheek.

“There won’t be a next time,” I whispered. Then I was standing across the room. He blinked in surprise at my little disappearing act, which was pretty satisfying, even if it was the most basic of Anam Gatai tricks. “So, are you in or are you out?”

“Ah, hell, Zyan,” he said, “I’ll always be in if you are.”

Hope you enjoyed that taste of Donovan! If you want more, Martinis with the Devil Part One is free on Smashwords, B&N, iTunes and Kobo for the forseeable future, and only 99 cents on Amazon. 

IWSG friends and other friends, have an awesome rest of the week!


  1. Congratulations!
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  2. Congratulations Alexia. Comparision only lead to misery. I liked Donovan's character.

  3. Loving it... huge congrats... I'm reading it right now and grabbing part 2:) Huge congrats.


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