Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween, pumpkins, football - oh, and rejection

So, this weekend I got the quickest rejection thus far... this chic had some super powered form rejection skills.  I submitted a query late Friday night and when I got up Saturday morning, already turned down.  Now, granted, this agency only asked for a query letter and no sample pages, so she didn't have a lot to read.  But impressive for a Friday night.  Maybe they've created a robot that can automatically respond to queries... AI for agents.  He he he...

On a more happy note, Halloween is coming up. Don't you just love Halloween? I never end up getting a cool costume, but if I did, I'd be Hit Girl from the movie Kick Ass - eleven-year-old assassin with a foul mouth.

On other Halloween related topics, we bought our first pumpkin the other day... my son picked out a cool orange and white speckled one.  Also, yesterday I took him to his first football game and here's a secret - it was actually my first, too.  Living in a big university town it's kind of weird I've never been, but I could just never get at all interested in football.  After seeing the game, I'm still not interested in it, but I did have fun just being in the stadium surrounded by such excitement.   Phrases like 'line of scrimmage' flying about the crisp October air. 

Here are a couple pics I just took.  Enjoy!



  1. Aw. Too bad about the rejection. Quick turn arounds always make me want to scream "Are you blind? You obviously didn't read it close enough!" And then comes the deep breaths

  2. Sorry about the rejection! They never fail to suck, but at least the turnaround time was quick. Non-responses are so much worse, I think. Good for you for putting your book out there. Takes guts.

    And yes, I love Halloween!

  3. Love the pictures!!! Sorry to hear about the rejection but at least you weren't waiting in anticipation, they ripped it off like a band-aid for you! You'll heal with a bucket of ice cream and some apple cider in lieu of the holiday season!

    I adore halloween! My husband and I have our costumes and are ready to go! I'm little dead riding hood and he's the big bad wolf, it's going to be AWESOME!

  4. So sorry to hear about your rejection! Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks, everyone!! I appreciate the support! Jen, I definitely want to see pics of little dead riding hood - that's awesome!

  6. Sorry to hear about the rejection. Don't give up! Oh, and I love the pics!

  7. Too bad about the rejection Alexia..But there is an agent waiting out there for you. Keep the faith :)

  8. I love Hit Girl! She makes that movie.

    Also, Maximus is gorgeous. :)

    And, sorry about the rejection.


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