Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Tuesday/Monday

So, all day I've been fairly confused since yesterday was MLK Day.  I kept thinking I needed to take my son to boyscouts after work, forgetting that it was Tuesday and not Monday.  And I kept thinking since it was Monday, it was only two days since I'd done a blogpost, when really it's been three.  Btw, I've been super busy at work lately and have not had the time to be as good a blog commenter as I like to be... I am trying to catch up, so please bear with me!

Over the weekend I came across several really great blogposts that I wanted to share.  The first was from the ever awesome Guide to Literary Agents, which I adore.  It is an amazing story about an author who self published and was crazy successful.  But her process for how she did it is extremely relevant for any of us, whether we want to self publish, find an e-publisher, or get an agent and traditional publisher.  Go check it out now!  You won't regret it.

The other one is also from GTLA, and it's a really awesome example of a synopsis - wait, let me say that again - THE DREADED, TERROR-INDUCING, GUT WRENCHING SYNOPSIS!!  I hate them, you hate them, I've even heard an agent say they're truly evil.  But this article was terrific.  Read it!

Finally, I re-came across this fantastically informative post from Pimp My Novel, which is full of much needed info for after we actually get books deals.  I know I personally am guilty of knowing far more about agents than I do about publishers and that whole process.  Lots of stuff us writery creatures need to know.  Let's go ahead and plan for getting that kick-ass book deal.

Also, I must have been a good girl lately because I received two new awards!! Double yay!  Thank you so much to Liz at Novel Moments for a new Versatile Blogger Award and to Abby at Above Water for the Making Smiles on Faces Blog Award!  They both have lovely and addictive blogs, so pop over, say hello, and enjoy yourself.

Okay, so the Versatile Blogger Award requires me to share 7 things about myself, so here you go (warning: highly random zone ahead):

1) I love strawberries.  When they are in season, I buy huge boxes and eat them every night as my before-bed snack.
2) Although I love chic flicks, most of my favorite movies are action/adventure types.  I love LOTR, Star Wars, Kill Bill, The Matrix, Transformers, Fight Club, X-Men, and a ton more I am forgetting at the moment.
3) I dress either preppy or sort of funky Boho chic.  It depends on my mood.  I think I give people fashion whiplash.
4) My son just starting reading the first Harry Potter book.  He loves it, and I love sharing it with him and enjoying it all over again from his perspective (he loves the part where Scabbers bites Crabbe's finger - or was it Goyle?). 
5) I like red and white wine.  Nothing too dry or too sweet.
6) I love gardening, but I kill most of what I try to grow.  I call it Darwinian gardening.
7) I have these hurt-your-eyes grape purple rain boots that I got to go out and feed the horse friends in, so I don't get all muddy and whatnot.  They rock.

So, blog friends, since I dearly love you all, please choose an award for yourself.  Really!  Pass it along, share about yourself, spread the joy.  You all rock, and you deserve it.

Happy almost Wednesday!


  1. We have some of the same tastes in movies. My hubby doesn't understand how I can be such a HUGE "Star Wars" geek then sit down and watch "27 Dresses." :P

  2. Happy Wednesday, here and congrats on the two fun awards. Go you.

  3. Grats on the awards. Thanks for sharing those blogs with us. :)

  4. Congratz on your awards, and whoa, thanks fer sharing. Thanks also for awarding me a previous award, which I've linked to you in my Wednesday post today! Nice links today too, cool. :)
    Artzicarol Ramblings

  5. Congratulations on the award! And nice getting to know you better-- I love the purple rain boots! You and Prince!

  6. Congrats on your awards, Alexia!

    I adore strawberries and blueberries too. If I could I'd eat them everyday with every meal. That's what I did this summer and it was heaven. Not to mention my skin was in fantastic shape the whole time! All those antioxidants are the best.


  7. Great links, and speaking of awards, I have another one for you over at my blog. http://lindzpagel.blogspot.com/2011/01/awards-yay.html

  8. Those posts sound great. I'm going to go check them out. Also congrats on the blog awards. They're a lot of fun. :)

  9. Congrats on your awards!

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