Friday, January 7, 2011

TGIF and writing news and other stuff...

Happy Friday writer friends! I've had a rough week fighting off a nasty cold, so I am hugely grateful for the weekend.  I hope your weeks have been better!

In writing news, I sent off five queries at year end and have gotten four responses - three rejections and a partial request.  Boo rejections, yay partial!  We'll see how it goes.

Also, I got some unexpected exciting news.  My local writers association is having a spring conference, and they actually have a pretty sweet lineup.  Chuck Sambuchino of the awesome Guide to Literary Agents blog is doing some workshops, and a couple agents are coming from New York.  From reputable agencies I recognize!  I have to say I'm kind of surprised that my city, which is medium-sized at best, has such cool folks coming. 

And the really cool part is that you can get a 25 page manuscript critique from one of the agents, so I signed up.  Totally stoked!  I am really excited about getting an expert opinion, and know I'll get some great feedback on ways to improve my writing.  I promise to share all the juicy details of my evisceration. 

I mentioned a while back that I'm going to World Fantasy Convention this fall, so these two are probably going to more than eat up my budget.  But I'm curious as to what conferences and conventions my blogging friends are thinking about going to this year.  What are the most popular ones?  Or what cool local stuff do you have going on?  Do share!

P.S. Have a kick ass weekend :~)


  1. Wow! Exciting! Congratulations on the partial!! Amazing!!!

  2. Great news on the partial! Can't wait to hear more (about the partial, the crits, the conference...). No conference plans for me. Maybe someday! Feel better! Christy

  3. Awesome news about the partial. I've got my fingers crossed for you. And that's great news about the conference. I've never been to one and there isn't a trip on the horizon, but these past couple years I've talked about going to the Rocky Mtn Fiction Writers conference. Whether I actually go this year is anyone's guess.

  4. The Tallahassee conference looks to be a lot of fun, with good people there. Perhaps we will cross paths. Congrats on the partial.

  5. Ooo, nice, you will love it. Our local SCBWI has conferences twice a year, in May and in October. I try to attend both, and do like you're doing--get critiques by agents/editors. Good luck with it!

  6. That is some pretty cool news! Congrats and good luck!

  7. Ooh, exciting, especially about the 25-page critique! Be sure to post details!

    I'm trying to save up to hit ThrillerFest in NYC this summer, but it's so expensive. I had a blast when I went 2 years ago. Would be great if I could go again (plus, any excuse to visit NYC!)

  8. very Exciting! Congratulations on the partial
    be sure to keep us updated!
    Did read some of your old post...must say that love your style of writing!

  9. Woooo! Congrats on the partial! And it sounds like there are lots of cool things going on in your part of the world!


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