Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Meme: When I'm a Famous Author

You guys are probably going to giggle when you hear this one. It's something simple, something I lamented never having done when I was a teenager. So, here it is: when I'm a famous author, and I don't have to have a day job anymore, I want to dye my hair purple. Or maybe blue.

Okay, go ahead and snicker.

This idea came about a few days ago when I was having lunch with my husband. I think we'd just watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World for the second time, and there's that chic who dyes her hair a different color each week. And I was wondering aloud why I hadn't done that when I was a teenager... well aside from that one time it was pink for a weekend accidentally when going from blonde to red. I realized it was because I've always had a job where it wouldn't be "appropriate" since I was fifteen. So, when I no longer need to be quite so appropriate, I'm totally going to do it.

I remember seeing this woman in the mall when I was seven or eight, and she had long, jet black hair, except for the last six inches or so, which were electric blue. It was so fantastic (clearly, since I remember it from so long ago). It looked something like this, except blue:

**Photos removed since peeps have been getting sued for posting photos on blogs**
These are cute, too:


I'm sure I'd get tired of it quickly and go back to my usual, but it would be fun for just a little bit :) So, what about you? What color would you dye your hair if you could be as outrageous as you wanted?

In other news, I got back to work on my WIP today. I've been so busy with my day job that I've been too brain dead to write for the past few weeks. But, I really want to finish the first draft this year, and I'm pretty sure I can if chip away at it during the week and then hit it hard on the weekend. I'm aiming for 250 words a day four days a week and 6,000 words on the weekend.

Also, I had a gorgeous, shiny new idea yesterday that developed into a plot today, and I am super excited. It's going to be middle grade. I'm not going to let myself get too distracted before I finish my current WIP, but over the next seven weeks I can mull it over in my head and then start working on it while my first draft of Noir is having its six-week breather.

I hope all of your writing goals are going well! Have a fab week!


  1. Ooo, you should do it. I think if I had the guts and it wouldn't totally freak my husband out, I'd do the purple tipped hair thing. The most I've ever done was the semester in college when I spritzed my bangs with H2O2. They ended up a pathetic light brown against my dark brown hair.

    Your new writing goals sound perfect. If you can write at least 250 a day and then hammer the weekends out, you'll reach the end before 2012 no problem. You go girl. Kick that WIP's butt.

  2. A new hair color sounds like so much fun! I've always been too chicken to dye my hair, but maybe someday. :) Good luck on your WiP and on your shiny new idea!!!

  3. I like the idea of having just the last few inches a different color. :)

    Your NOIR goals sound fantastic. During the work week I ask that I lay down about 300 words. It's just not realistic to do more than that, at least for me, but it keeps my muse well exercised, and it's beautifully amazing how those words add up. I can't wait to hear more about the new idea that sprang into your mind.

  4. I would do hot pink if I didn't have the stuffy day job. Right now I just wear a lot of strange jewelry and clothing to get my unique fix.

  5. I lurve that first picture! I know if I ever did something like that though, it would never look so good. I would be seen more as a clown rather than a trend setter:)
    IF I could pull it off I would go that extrememly bright red almost purple color. A girl I met at a writers conference did it and I was totally jealous:)

  6. Love the first photo! I've had my hair a lot of colours, but never blue! Maybe I should give that a try.

  7. I saw a girl with blue highlights, somehow it looked great on her. Wondering whether I should try it?

  8. I love that purple on the ends of that woman's hair! Very cool. I wonder if you can get a bit of a preview/fix by using temporary dye? (like, when you have a week off from work or something). ;o) How cool you've gotten a new idea for a MG. Best of luck with your word count goals!

  9. I like the hair colors... very nice:) BTW I've given you an award on my blog :)

  10. I dyed mine amethyst when I was in my early 20s. I loved it because my eyes are blue and it made them pop out. But my boyfriend at the time hated it. What a putz he was.. glad I got rid of him. lol
    I haven't colored my hair in years, but I say go for it. It's always fun.
    btw my MC for my YA WIP has fuschia highlights. :)


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