Monday, November 28, 2011

Obsession, Owls and Ouch

I may have to rename my Monday Meme 'Random Mondays'... hehe. Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? I hope so!

So, let's talk about obsession first. I hit my writing goal this weekend. Well, actually I think I said I wanted to write 10,000 words, but I really was firm on writing 3,000 words a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which I did. About 36 pages. I'm not disappointed. I'm sitting right under 70,000 words, so only 10,000 to my first draft goal. I don't think the first draft is going to hit the 80k, but I already know places I need to go back and flesh out, and I don't think I'm going to be cutting a lot, just tightening.

Anyways, so I entered the final climax of my book yesterday, which I hadn't fully plotted out yet, and I finally figured out exactly what's going to happen at the end. Yay! So, I have it all in my head, and I finished my writing for the day, and then I got in this weird obsessive house cleaning mood. It's weird because I hate cleaning. But I really cleaned. Like, on top of the refrigerator, moving all the kitchen appliances and cleaning under them. Yeah. I also threw away the toaster oven and trashcan. It was very strange.

I'll talk about ouch next so we can end on owls (a happy note). So, just a couple hours ago I got back a rejection on a request for the full manuscript of Countless, my first book. The agent said she was really intrigued by my idea and wanted to love the book, but just wasn't pulled in by my narrative and didn't feel it was ready for mainstream pub. Us writers are such sadistic little puppies I was actually glad to get honest, real feedback and not just a form rejection. Anyways, I've kind of had the same feeling about Countless. I think it's a good book. I just don't know that it's good enough to get an agent's attention. Of course, it's great that I'm just about done with my second book to distract me from the disappointment.

Getting to the Monday Meme, which is kind of random (like this whole post). So, I have this strange love of owls, which is fed by the many awesome owl things being sold everywhere these days. When I'm a famous author, I'll feed my owl merchandise fever by buying things like these:

**Photos removed since peeps have been getting sued for posting photos on blogs**

Of course, I may feed this owl fever before I'm a famous author :) But I'll feed it more when I have moula to spend on silly owl decor.

So, what about you, writer friends? Writing ups and downs? Any fave forest creatures? I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. At least you got some feedback. Have you sent it to any publishers instead?
    Can't think of any woodland creatures...

  2. Yeh - good feedback. It wouldn't take much work to get the narrative a bit more tempting. Would it?

    You could always e-book publish it under a different name. Just a thought.

  3. Yay for feedback. Boo for the rejection.

    You would've loved being at my house yesterday morning. Our mated pair of Great Horned Owls were in the tree across the street hooting their hearts out. They're so cool. I don't have any favorite woodland creatures, but I did notice I love love love my penguin Christmas decorations. I'd be happy if the whole house was covered with penguins in x-mas gear right now.

  4. I did a crazy house clean last week, too! Clearing out junk cupboards and closets, rearranging all the knick knacks on the shelves.

    Sorry about the rejection, but you got good feedback which is priceless!

  5. 70,000 words is great, Alexia. You sure are writing lots. Feel bad about the rejection, but don't give up as another agent may feel differently.

  6. Aw, sorry about the rejection, Alexia! That's a bummer. But at least you got some great feedback, and you have a such a positive attitude. And I love how productive you've been these days!

  7. Wow, you've been busy! I'm sorry about the rejection--that's never too fun. But it sounds like you're in a great place with your current WiP! And those owls may be the cutest things ever. :)

  8. Great progress on your new novel.. am in the mids of the first draft of a new book myself.. up to 65K words... still have 15K to go and just slid over the climax hump. Ohh love the owls....

  9. Aw, sorry about the rejection, but it's good you're distracted by your present novel to ease the ouch. And WHAT cute owl things! I love 'em! Adorable. :)

  10. So sorry about your rejection! I've got one full left out there and I'm dreading to hear on it, but I understand wanting the honest feedback because I've only gotten forms on all of mine. That doesn't give me any direction to go in with rewrites! And I love owls as well. I came by my obsession honestly - my grandma and my aunt were both big owl lovers as well. I adores those owl bookends!!

  11. Your owl stuff is so cute! I just bought an owl vase for a co-worker for Christmas. She also has an owl obsession. Frankly, some of those items you posted are so cute I may become obsessed. LOL


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