Saturday, November 5, 2011

Your Opinion Wanted

I'm doing a rare Saturday post, which I meant to do earlier in the week, and well, life and stuff happened. Most of you probably know I started an urban fantasy email newsletter in July. And I've had a blast doing it each month! Actually, if you haven't seen this month's issue, I got to conduct an interview with paranormal romance author J.R. Pearse Nelson, which you should check out.

But back to the reason for my post - I've been having a blast with my newsletter, but realized something was missing. And that something is interaction. The newsletter goes out to everybody's inboxes, and I don't get to chat with people like I do on Blogger and Twitter. And I realized that I missed that.

So, I thought about it a lot, and I think I know what I want to do, but I want your opinion. First of all, I'm definitely keeping the email newsletter as is, but I want to tie it into blogging somehow. I considered whether I should start a seperate urban fantasy blog. But I only post on this blog like once or twice a week, and I also thought it might be less convenient for people to have to visit an additional blog. So, I was thinking I would send the email newsletter on the first of the month as usual, and then post certain sections of it each week on this blog (like, new releases for the month one week, book review the next week, agent profile the week after, etc.). That way people that like the email version can still get that, but I can have some interaction with my blog friends, too.

What do you think? Does it turn you off if someone posts genre-specific things on their writing blog? What is most fun for you guys?

Have an awesome rest of the weekend! A hint for the Monday Meme: purple :)


  1. I like your idea a lot to still send the newsletter but then post parts of it here.

    Personally, I don't think a blog has to be all one thing. We have so many interests and why not have fun with those interests on a blog?

    Have an awesome rest of your weekend as well.

  2. Your idea sounds great. I know sometimes I'm so busy, I just skim newsletters. (And then always mean to go back and read, but never do.) Having a place where the bits of it are laid out for more in-depth reading would be awesome.

    And don't worry about posting genre-specific things. It's your blog. Do what you like and it'll be fun for the people who like you. =o)

    ROFL, 'purple' is my code word for when my daughter changes the subject mid-conversation. I can't wait to see how you use it.

  3. I think that's a great idea! I don't write urban fantasy, but I'm interested in it. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. I agree posting sections of your newsletter on your blog would be great, as you'd gain interactiveness. And while it's true the topics will appeal to a smaller subset of followers, the thing is this IS the genre you write.

    According to a post from Rachelle Gardener last month,, for fiction writers, our brand is our name and our genre. Having said that, it seems almost mandatory to have newsletter excerpts on your blog. :) So go for it!

  5. I think it's a good idea... it makes sense... and glad you're still doing the newsletter - I love reading them:)


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